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Editorial Policy in view of the Amazon Takeover of Goodreads that has stopped it being the site we all knew and loved

In view of Amazons takeover of Goodreads I am changing my Editorial Policy by no longer posting Book Reviews on the website. Such Reviews are just native advertising something Amazon is keen to promote but I feel forces a model … Continue reading

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Rational Scepticism 50 Book Challenge 2011

Audiobooks in italics PG Wodehouse ‘Damsel in Distress’ Edith Wharton ‘House of Mirth’ Charles Taylor’Modern Social Imaginaries’ Rachel Bussel ‘Men on Top’ The Brothers Karamatsov Fydor Dostoevsky PG Wodehouse ‘Quick Service’ Fydor Dostoevsky ‘Notes from an Underground’ Edith Wharton ‘Ethan … Continue reading

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3, 002 words today on various topics but doing Report Back jumped me up from 1,594 words to 3,002 words

1,594 words today Now 2,224 words and in Zone Governmental God TV words and words too deep which is why 1,594 words is not being presented as post. I must be slacking, as I don’t seem to have the energy … Continue reading

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One MILLION Files, a massive HDD, trawling through and getting to know HDD ends up exhausting me

1000 exhausting Academic Words as a result of attempting to get to know  and list Topic  List Contents on Desktop HDD Thursday, 27 November 2008 11:43:24 AM I began by listing components of my thesis, I use the word ‘thesis’ … Continue reading

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My New 50 Book Reading list unless I read a 100 Novels making it 100 Potential Listed Sept 2008

Contemporary Political Philosophy Anthology Blackwell Freedom Political Anthology Blackwell Writings for a Liberation Psychology Martin Ignacio Baro Pedagogy of the Oppressed Paulo Friere Emancipations Ernesto Laclau Madness and Civilization Foucault The Archaelogy of Knowledge Foucault The News Rules of Sociological … Continue reading

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Book 38: of 2000 ‘Fields of Reading”Motives for Writing’ Comley Hamilton Klaus Scholes Sommers

Book 38 ‘Fields of Reading’ Motives for Writing Comley Hamilton Klaus Scholes Sommers Seventh Edition 2004 A book to work with, refer back to, work with and from, ‘Fields of Reading’ looks like providing me with much food for thought … Continue reading

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Special Joint Blog Post: MUSIC CENTRE PROJECT 2007

Current Count:( 25)Books Current Read (ibid ) Music Centre Project has begun along with imaginary Kate World projected onto the walls of St John’s Church the Privileged Elect in attendance. I imagine zeitgeisting Kate World onto the audience/friends/allies/real deal. Praise … Continue reading

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