Rational Scepticism 50 Book Challenge 2011

Audiobooks in italics
  1. PG Wodehouse ‘Damsel in Distress’
  2. Edith Wharton ‘House of Mirth’
  3. Charles Taylor’Modern Social Imaginaries’
  4. Rachel Bussel ‘Men on Top’
  5. The Brothers Karamatsov Fydor Dostoevsky
  6. PG Wodehouse ‘Quick Service’
  7. Fydor Dostoevsky ‘Notes from an Underground’
  8. Edith Wharton ‘Ethan Frome’
  9. PG Wodehouse’ The Intrusion of Jimmy’
  10. Edith Wharton’Summer’
  11. Laura Doyle’The Surrendered Wife’ Partial read given credit for full read.
  12. P Smith in the City PG Wodehouse
  13. PG Wodehouse ‘Mike a Public School Story’
  14. Edith Wharton’ The Age of Innocence’
  15. Kurt Vonnegut 2beornot2be
  16. Sopphoceles Electra
  17. Ibsen Ghosts
  18. Little Lord Flaunteroy Frances Hodgson Burnett
  19. 2Bornot2be kurt Vonnegut
  20. How to live on 24 Hours a day Arnold Bennett
  21. Electra Sopphoceles (Must do Theben Plays)
  22. Introduction to Cultural Theory and Popular Culture John Storey
  23. The Collected Works Second Series Essays of Ralph Waldo Emmerson
  24. Edith Wharton Sanctaury
  25. My Man Jeeves PG Wodehouse
  26. Louisa May Alcott An Old Fashioned Girl
  27. Russell Brand My Booky Wook
  28. Dead Souls Gogol
  29. The Practice of Everyday Life Michael de Certeux
  30. An Essay in Criticism Alexander Pope
  31. The Art of War Sun Tzu
  32. De Profundis Oscar Wilde
  33. Aristotle The Categories
  34. Seneca On the Shortness of Life
  35. Madame Bovary Gustave Flaubert Audiobook not Librivox!!
  36. Aristotle Posterior Analytics
  37. Aristotle Categories Audiobook
  38. HG Wells The Invisible Man
  39. Chomsky Profit over People
  40. Russell Wiley is out to Lunch GR GIVEAWAY
  41. Umberto Eco ‘On Literature’
  42. Aristotle ‘The Poetics’ Audiobook
  43. Henry Thoreaux ‘On the Duty of Civil Disobedience’.
  44. Rousseau The Confessions ( in two parts)
  45. George Orwell 1984
  46. The Vampire Diaries LJ Smith The Awakening and The Struggle
  47. The Vampire Diaries The Struggle
  48. Rousseau The Confessions Final push to end
  49. Naomi Klein ‘Fences and Windows’
  50. Wendy Alec The Fall of Lucifer so bad it is not worth reading avoid and campaign against!
  51. Jack London ‘John Barleycorn An Alcoholics Memoir’
  52. George Orwell’Coming up for air’
  53. Noam Chomsky and Herman ‘Manufacturing Consent’.
  54. Mary Wollestonecraft’ A Vindication of the Rights of Women’
  55. Doug Rushkoff ‘Coercian, Why we listen to what they say’.
  56. ‘Castaway’ Lucy Irvine
  57. The Consumer Society Reader J Lee


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