Comments Policy November 2008

I only accept comments from proper websites. Spammers will be deleted.

Comments must be on topic and related to Blog material and about particular posts.

The usaul suspects will also be deleted;any racism, sexism but also DISABLISM AND MENTALISM AND AGEIST COMMENTS WILL BE DELETED.

Readin’ and Writin’ 2000 words 75pp practices widespread democratic policies where all affected voices can speak be they working or workless.

Attacks against disabled and mentally ill in mind body spirit are forbidden.

Comments that don’t reflect the serious academic nature of the blog will also be disregarded.

I think a wide birds eyes view of visitors is wise. I want to see the range of visitors processing through these pages.

Happy Commenting!

Admin and Founder Visionary Projects


One Response to Comments Policy November 2008

  1. Coder92 says:

    Or not even supporters in the first place. ,


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