About me, about Readin’ and Writin’75 pp,2000 words per day

3,349 words later so this is just a short post to fill a need that has been crying out to me in visits to a Page that has nothing in it for Visitors to read.


Noone who has any care for education be it a Professional or a would-be Student would deny the benefits of taking oneself through a rigorous process of both Reading and Writing.

In it’s way it could be a form of Pre-University Preparation (aim Doctoral Level that is, if I am not talking out of my arse) and Postgraduate, which for me, represent all that is interesting and challenging desirable about this World called ‘Higher Education’

As I come from a family who adores it who has, like me, extensive Libraries (according to limits of space and income) and the equipment to write eg the much loved Laptop and or Desktop Computer, then at the least all I am in my poor way immitate the habitus of my family (Bourdieu for the word ‘habitus’

If I ever had the courage to re-enter the portals of the Academy then My heart’s desire would be to cope magnificently with the work pressures both in Reading and Writing (this embraces the whole gamut of intellectual activity that a good university employs) then it stands to reason that one needs to practice practice and practice and still more practice, until I am at ease with both reading and writing sides of academic practice. At the moment because ALL ambition feels oxymoronic at worst this is a form of therapy a cuddly intellectual bunny with which to cherish my delusions (of succcess, of following academics in family etc etc). Maybe those Academics such as those at LSE are right to do down Adult Education as we are just useless appendages and only good for numbers when you want quality hard working undergraduates to fill numbers. (how we persist in Higher education is as always a perpetuaul mystery given the distancing, use of vocational and traditional Adult Educational activites designed to engineer increasing pessemism and goallessness in the face of youth worship)

Hey! I have added another 350 words to add to 3,349 words so nearly hitting 3,700,40000 words in reach if I want to have a go.

Maybe you should comment as to why I should or should not persist with this seemly oxymoronic educational project.


392 words post


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