Book 38: of 2000 ‘Fields of Reading”Motives for Writing’ Comley Hamilton Klaus Scholes Sommers

Book 38 ‘Fields of Reading’ Motives for Writing

Comley Hamilton Klaus Scholes Sommers

Seventh Edition


A book to work with, refer back to, work with and from, ‘Fields of Reading’ looks like providing me with much food for thought for writing tasks and training. Fields covers the four movements:ARGUING REPORTING EXPLAINING AND REFLECTING and puts them into the context of ‘Social Science and Public Affairs and Science and Technologies’ Truly a book for the MIT Community as Science and Technology weaves itself like a river throughout all MIT’s Curriculum.

I made myself a Exploring Self and Society Bookmark with the CORE TASKS: Arguing, Explaining, Reporting, Reflecting so I can carry it as a theme throughout my days. The exercises challenge one to write with Bailey Book ‘Writing Short Stories’. A top class read and top class education which should lead to top class thinking writing wise.

I have subsequently embarked on a Weekly Exercise Project in order to do work on demand as I need to cultivate the ability to do Work on demand; as well as my own Freestyle Writing Projects in the 2000 Words a day Project. The work I have done has been demanding, requiring attention to detail and even greater attention to the Text and throughout I have felt awful, bad, sick and horrible-as i have and still feel with the 2000 word and 75pp Reading Project. Feeling awful seems to come with the territory and one has to learn to push through the feelings of horror, ugliness, discomfort etc.

Plan of Action

  1. Get back in routine of doing ‘Fields of Reading’ and find a way to integrate it into 50 philosophy pages, 25 novel pages and 12 pages included -one advanced philosopher- routine. That way I work through Blackwell Continental Companion slowly but surely; but learn habits and routines that incorporate this much needed WEEKLY or Biweekly (Dunleavey ‘How to get a Social Science Degree’) Essay writing on demand routine.
  2. Allow myself to fail, get it wrong, not check in or  need to have breaks as there is no activity under heaven that I cannot learn to sabbath from; with help gods help,.
  3. Persist through bad feelings but celebrate my achievements and where possible Celebrate them! and maybe do it online?

370 words

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