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NEW EDITED Email from late Academic Friend who recommends that I write that book and do that PhD eventaully

Hi my name,   You mentioned your Dads academic background, what is yours?     With all the work that you are doing you should channel that effort into a PhD.   What is your particular area of interest?  Shared … Continue reading

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NEW: Fields of Reading Thematic and Rhetorical Index for Future Essays Prose Multimedia etc

  Fields of Reading Ideas Folder Reader Writer Notebook EXPANDED Master Index   IDEA CHAPTER HEADING WORDAGE Wednesday, 10 October 2007 6:20:05 PM   REFLECTING REPORTING EXPLAINING ARGUING   RESEARCH BASED ACADEMIC AS   THEMATIC INDEX   19 Headings 20 … Continue reading

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NEW Edited Public Lecture Notes:Roger Silverstone the Media and Morality

    Roger Silverstone Public Lecture Media and Morality BOOK   Wordage easily accomplished in simply recording verbatim but considered notes. Words ACADEMIC.   MODEL Fan club around Silverstone. MODEL OF ACADEMIC WELLBEING.#  on the rise of a media polis … Continue reading

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5,700 words so far: laptop-less but not computer-less thank goodness some thoughts and an insight into how i do my 2000 word essays the FIRST this week

  Friday, 05 September 2008 4:10:41 PM Kate Hillier            Page 1            05/09/2008 2000 Words   Come  Dine with Me at 5:30. Meal is cooking. Tesco Finest Cauliflower Cheese, which I think the LORD wants me to make myself, cooked defrosted … Continue reading

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3,700 words approximately so far now to get on with new Reading Plan which eventaully finishes Blackwell Continental Philosophy Companion

Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000168 EndHTML:0000018242 StartFragment:0000000481 EndFragment:0000018225 deep deep knowledge, ability to leap off a research from that basis (undergraduate Paper length Project) to full scale Dissertation/s BOOKS as it is suggested that I write. BOOKS THESES IDEAS;never mind needing to go … Continue reading

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After suffering 8 months of computer and internet deprivation I am downloading like mad overdoing it and loving it

My HDD (Vista) is getting smaller by the minute; I keep loading it up with Videos of every possible type;naturally what I can get my little exhausted mits on. I thought I would just let be at 70 videos (Miro) … Continue reading

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