Writing myself out 832 words on 20 Feb 2009

I wrote 832 words on 20th Feb 2009. This blog post will bump up my number count. So far by adding up Blog Post Word Count on this one and my other Blogs  I may have a way to add up -in the medium term- the grand total to post up in all it’s Glory.

This attempt of 832 words needs to be written in same spirit of accomplishment as The Quest for a Million Words www.thequestforamillionwords.wordpress.com, rather than my condemming tones that don’t give me justice for my many accomplishments.

Anyways this is a pathetic attempt to celebrate my 832 words achievement

  1. Like rest of my posts it was off my head and first Write, this is NOT to endorse  draft-less writing but if you like my writing, with all it’s faults, I must be getting somewhere!
  2. 832 words is better than no words. Adding up with Blog Posts mean Word Counts are boosted wonderfully and one’s word counts always count both in qauntity and in qaulity.
  3. For something off the top of my head this is not bad because it is practice, practice, and more practice that maketh Writers Novelists and those practicing Academic Writing, not a magic wand. As I have continued with this my Writing has got better and better. It is now my Policy to give those wishing to see my Writing my Blog links; then people can see and know.
  4. Writing is good for you fullstop and the diligent practice of it is even better.

Content of  832 words

A disparate mishmash of Diary Items, Records and commentary on Mike Bickles abberant Doctrines which you can see all over God TV http://www.god.tv you have to register to watch online and you get to see World, UK and US webstreams. The Writing does not feel right or strong as I lean towards patchwork accounts which bear no relation to one another.

I have to change this.

Rethinking my Writing

For the first time I listened to Open University Creative Writing Course which enables you to learn how to write Plays and for Broadcast.

I have having to rethink my Writing using this magnificent podcast for the Writing side.

The other dimension is I need to get into serious  reading  big time, the famous novels of  Canonical literature s well as later more modern Writings.

Reading and Literature seems  the basis of all writing. I would rather write from a healthy basis of  having read and analysed others Writing than be a naked Writer. I do write but I need to find my roots in Literary exploits of the past.

I feel naked as a Writer having no written basis to base my explorations on.

Literature seems to be the baseline discipline behind so many of the great Writers we see in our radios and TV’s. Their stories become all the more compelling. Literature can lift off the pressures associated with philosophy and the social sciences by providing an intellectual respite. My family have massive literary libraries and I need to help myself rightfully to them.

Philosphy without the Arts is empty but the Arts is the logical partner to all Philosophy and Theory.  Literature and Creative Writing Degrees  at least is a combination that begs to combined in my life. (Philosophy Now Use of)

541 words

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1 Response to Writing myself out 832 words on 20 Feb 2009

  1. cozywriter says:

    Please excuse my ignorance, but I’m not sure of your purpose. What attracted me to this blog is the heading “Reading and writing 2000 words or more a day”.
    But what’s the purpose? Are you a writer, writing a book? I’m not sure when I read your blog the purpose of it all.


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