Rational Scepticism 50 Book Challenge 2011

Audiobooks in italics
  1. PG Wodehouse ‘Damsel in Distress’
  2. Edith Wharton ‘House of Mirth’
  3. Charles Taylor’Modern Social Imaginaries’
  4. Rachel Bussel ‘Men on Top’
  5. The Brothers Karamatsov Fydor Dostoevsky
  6. PG Wodehouse ‘Quick Service’
  7. Fydor Dostoevsky ‘Notes from an Underground’
  8. Edith Wharton ‘Ethan Frome’
  9. PG Wodehouse’ The Intrusion of Jimmy’
  10. Edith Wharton’Summer’
  11. Laura Doyle’The Surrendered Wife’ Partial read given credit for full read.
  12. P Smith in the City PG Wodehouse
  13. PG Wodehouse ‘Mike a Public School Story’
  14. Edith Wharton’ The Age of Innocence’
  15. Kurt Vonnegut 2beornot2be
  16. Sopphoceles Electra
  17. Ibsen Ghosts
  18. Little Lord Flaunteroy Frances Hodgson Burnett
  19. 2Bornot2be kurt Vonnegut
  20. How to live on 24 Hours a day Arnold Bennett
  21. Electra Sopphoceles (Must do Theben Plays)
  22. Introduction to Cultural Theory and Popular Culture John Storey
  23. The Collected Works Second Series Essays of Ralph Waldo Emmerson
  24. Edith Wharton Sanctaury
  25. My Man Jeeves PG Wodehouse
  26. Louisa May Alcott An Old Fashioned Girl
  27. Russell Brand My Booky Wook
  28. Dead Souls Gogol
  29. The Practice of Everyday Life Michael de Certeux
  30. An Essay in Criticism Alexander Pope
  31. The Art of War Sun Tzu
  32. De Profundis Oscar Wilde
  33. Aristotle The Categories
  34. Seneca On the Shortness of Life
  35. Madame Bovary Gustave Flaubert Audiobook not Librivox!!
  36. Aristotle Posterior Analytics
  37. Aristotle Categories Audiobook
  38. HG Wells The Invisible Man
  39. Chomsky Profit over People
  40. Russell Wiley is out to Lunch GR GIVEAWAY
  41. Umberto Eco ‘On Literature’
  42. Aristotle ‘The Poetics’ Audiobook
  43. Henry Thoreaux ‘On the Duty of Civil Disobedience’.
  44. Rousseau The Confessions ( in two parts)
  45. George Orwell 1984
  46. The Vampire Diaries LJ Smith The Awakening and The Struggle
  47. The Vampire Diaries The Struggle
  48. Rousseau The Confessions Final push to end
  49. Naomi Klein ‘Fences and Windows’
  50. Wendy Alec The Fall of Lucifer so bad it is not worth reading avoid and campaign against!
  51. Jack London ‘John Barleycorn An Alcoholics Memoir’
  52. George Orwell’Coming up for air’
  53. Noam Chomsky and Herman ‘Manufacturing Consent’.
  54. Mary Wollestonecraft’ A Vindication of the Rights of Women’
  55. Doug Rushkoff ‘Coercian, Why we listen to what they say’.
  56. ‘Castaway’ Lucy Irvine
  57. The Consumer Society Reader J Lee


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Books read in 2009 38 Books out of 50 books, including Philosophy Audiobooks Progress Report

This  List is updated every time I finish a book be it Audiobooks which are in Italics and normally from Librivox or conventional paper copy.
1.Book 1 Study is Hard Work Armstrong
2.Book 2 Gang Leader for a Day
3.Book 3 Jeffrey Deaver The Broken Window
4.Book 4 Snyder and Mitchell Cultural Locations of Disability
5.Book 5 Some said it thundered David Pytches
6.Book 6 Bertrand Russell The Problems of Philosophy
7.Book 7 Milan Kundera An Unbearable Lightness of Being
8.Book 8 Clare Boylan The Agony and the Ego
9.Book 9 Charles Taylor Sources of the Self the making of modern identity
10.Book 10 Naomi Klein The Shock Doctrine
11.Book 11 Doris Lessing The Golden Notebook
12.Book 12  Friedrich Nietzsche Beyond Good and Evil
13.Book 13 Sue Monk Kidd The Secret Life of Bees
14.Book 14  Machiavelli The Prince
15.Book 15 Jade Goody Forever in my heart Official Cancer Diaries
16.Book 16 Alexander mc call smith The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency
17.Book 17 Homer The Illiad
18.Book 18 David Hume An Enquiry into human understanding
J S Mill Utilitarianism

20.  Alexander Mc Call Smith ‘Tears of a Girraffe’

21. George Stock ‘Stoicism’

22. Martin Lewis Three things about Money

23. Homer The Odyssey

24.Euthyphro Plato

25. Milton The Aeropagita

26 Martha Nussbaum Upheavals of Thought: the Intelligence of the Emotions 766 pages

27  Jonathan Glover ‘Causing Deaths and Saving Lives’

28  Steven Lukes ‘Moral Relativism’

29  Tom Shakespeare ‘Disability Rights and Wrongs’

30 Sophie Kinsella ‘ The Undomesticated Goddess’

31. Naomi Klein ‘No Logo’

32. Louis Althusser ‘On Ideology’

33. George Bernard Shaw ‘Pygmalion’

34. John Carey ‘Pure Pleasure’

35. John Jacques Rousseau ‘The Discourse on Ineqaulity’

36 Nietzsche The Joyful Science

37 Plato The Ion

38 Harriet Beacher Stowe ‘Uncle Toms Cabin’

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Book 16 Librivox Machievelli The Prince

This Book, Book 16 took about 3-4 days to ‘read’. Even using Audiobooks is challenging hence my decision to archive all Audiobook Material which is also useful for bumping up total so I head towards the 24 Books mark which is 2 books a month; a pathetic total.

What have I learn’t from Machievelli? he uses Cesare Borgia and other chap to craft a political theory for the young upstart who wishes to get ahead in politics (or elsewhere one might reason). For this to happen cruelty etc is fine. All long our heros have desired results at the dreadful cost to their subjects.

If I have Lecture material on and or other podcast material this can be used as well. All in all Machievelli is the Barstards Guide to getting on in politics hence its popularity and reknown amongst various general publics.

I am wondering if Machievellian Thought does not in a way pave way for Shock Doctrine, the practice of  [Wild ]Disaster Capitalism that is abroad unfortunately globally today?

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Book 12 LIBRIVOX AUDIOBOOK Friedrich Nietzsche ‘Beyond Good and Evil’

This is my first ever test of listening to a Philosopher’s Work in Audiobook (MP3) Format.
Over a week or two I have taken a Section at a time working my way through about 10 hours of’ Reading’.
During this time I was not able to take in my Latest attempt at Tome Reading; the full 766 pages of Martha Nussbaum’s ‘Upheaval of Emotions the Intelligence of the Emotions’ which title wise would suggest a very female text.
So to contrast the rather calm but authentic tones of Nussbaum I have subjected myself to the angry embittered stunningly insightful in parts (the bits I did get that is) of one Friedrich Nietzsche .
This is just a brief review just to post up the fact that now I am on Book No 12 hallelujah! now that is one book a month. Lets get through next layer to make it 24 books a year so far-aided and abetted shamelessly due to their difficult content-Philosophers tomes in audiobook format.

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Book 11 Doris Lessing ‘The Golden Notebook’ read in a novelistic interlude between heavyweight Philosophy Tomes NEW

This is Book 11 this Year making Martha Nussbaum ‘Upheaval of Emotions The Intelligence of the Emotions’ is Book 12 a work in progress.

I noticed this book in Tesco and decided to buy it as the Storyline looked interesting and pertinent and she also won the Nobel Prize for Literature making this the first Nobel Winner I have ever read.

This book  like the Taylor weighed in at a spectacular 576 pages. Taylor 601 pages and the Cultural Locations of Disability another tome a more modest 245 pages.

Now to the story line. Meet Anna Wulf a single divorced mum who has an number of unending bad sexaul relationships and to add to her woes suffers from Writers Block. That along with Film offers from Directors who wish to change the plot means her Notebooks Red for Political life (how appropriate!) a Black Notebook for Writing Life (given the parlous state of her writing life this colour does not surprise me and is, I think a reflection of her moods); Yellow Notebook her emotional life where she wishes to see the sunshine but doesn’t having lost Paul the beloved Psychiatrist who ends up in foreign climes away from his wife in a notional separation. Blue Notebook for everyday events this would stand for the sky Blue Sky = Day so we have some logic coming on here.

Finally and unexpectedly we get the Lover who mistreats her but who unlocks the Book resulting from the scribblings in the Golden Notebook. This book ends up selling solving the problem but we are still ended up with the bleakness that is characteristic over every aspect of her notebooked life.

Criticisms are unending bleakness.Philosophical bleakness? in the name of what I heard is ‘realism’ no bright lights only constant sadness. There are no light moments.

Surely in the most miserable fo lives there are light moments.

To conclude all in all a well written book from a Writer who definitely shows that portraying life is a skill to be learned in both philosophy and writing (but with it’s lighter moments)

I have seen this book spoken of as describing mental illness!!!

342 words

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Book 10: Naomi Klein ‘The Shock Doctrine’ or watch a new phenomenon at work!

This is a shocking account of Shock Therapy which tells how Milton Friedman. Chicago School Economists one size fits all Policies . Resulted in gross inequalities and poverty for many Nations round the World.

She shows us how . Shock Therapy Regimes are imposed to circumvent grassroots resistance which is an eye opener into pervasive corporatism which is deliberately seeking to avoid Governance and the Government ; and in effect run their own Mini-States within a weakened dis-empowered State.

(US Military Provision using Private Companies which famous Politicans such as Donald Rumsfeld benefited from financially). This has implications for Democracy and the Democratic Process. Dahl a famous Democracy Theorist at the University of Chicago says quite plainly that the Capitalist System is best served by Democracy. Naomi Kleins courageous honest well researched and thorough analysis is yet another example of what good research is. Her intellectual honesty is refreshing too.

The books begins with the disturbing accounts of Psychic Driving as done by Dr Ewen Cameron whose methods were later utilised as Torture methods. You see the poor woman whose life has been ruined by psychic driving, without any legal recompense or compensation. Others of course have suffered a similar fate. Then she develops her account of how the Chicago School of Free Market Economists have used Shock Therapy to force Free Market Ideologies WHICH THEY KNOW WILL BE DEMOCRATICALLY OPPOSED to an unwilling populace with devastating consequences. As a result the word ‘controversial’ is the only word that can be applied to this book hence every human being in the world should attempt to grab a copy.

Klein rightly defends the Market but within a socially just framework which the Shock Doctors of Chicago have not done.

All in all this is a balanced and truly controversial account which ought to be sky high in Bestseller lists all over the world.

335 words



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Book 9: Charles Taylor ‘Sources of the Self: the making of Modern Identity’ a Six Month read into my first adventures into ‘selves’

This book is the start of me formally attempting to reply to the Research Draft Proposal Draft with something pertaining to a sensible answer without of course having the elementary qualifications those in Academia are blessed to have Charles Taylor is part of two Philosophers I am reading that attempt to go beyond the ISMS and Ideologies as fundamental explanations. (As I stand I think both sides need listening too ). This is to discover the subtleties and nauced explanations and theories and range of explanations that give a deeper picture than just the ISM’s and Continental Philosophy which have influenced Literature and the Arts so much. These voices deserve to be heard and one must remain open. Just like Chritchley defends the right of Continental Philosophers to be heard alongside Analytic Philosophers. So I am defending my right to read both sides and see value in opposing sides. This book took me SIX MONTHS to read but by persevering even when I may have lost hold of the Books Plot. Taylor I discover does NOT like Marxism. But he employs a wide ranges of Philosophers to account for the Philosopher-leading accounts of PHILOSOPHERS and their respective theories and ideologies as accounting for the types of person in Society. This is I think very Philosopher Kings of Plato. Taylor does not think philosophical insights should come from the populace but rather the experts which must make him a Platonist. However in additon to this I have seen Taylor quoted as an Hegelian Nietzschean which means I have had to plough thorough ‘Beyond Good and Evil’ on Librivox (not finished yet) and look into Hegel. I have downloaded his History of Philosophy just to get a taste of a man I believe to espouse transcendental modes of philosophy. The extra work means audiobooks are coming into their own and more scans if you like are in order just to get a flavour or try too, of where he is coming from. So this is my take: I think he is an Orthodox Platonist (?) ( I am ignorant of Philosophy per se but read Philosphy books which means I am learning loads), who favours the Experts Philosopher Kings of the Academy as central connoters of identities on the ground. This is shown in the analysis of various Philosopher viewpoints: the Humean Self, The Punctual Self of Locke, the Homeric Self, The Self of Rational Reason (Plato highly influential). IN THEORY his rationale could be extended to any and every Philosopher under the sun-including Marx to generate a database of ‘selves’. This could be a useful instrument to both Philosphers and preferably people at the bottom who end up niavely taking on these ‘selves’.. An interesting well written clear book with a couple of niggle points which I believe has greater challenges in terms of inspiring agenda setting ideas in terms of the philosophy of the various selves around the world. 537 words

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My first time READING and Writing!,3,044 words and 28 pages of Charles Taylor Sources of Identity for re-vamped Research Draft thing

Hi folks!

I did both READING and Writing at my time a Mummy’s where we had an Evening where TV wasn’t the overiding priority but long conversations ended up taking their place- along with the Reading and Writing.

I have started on the Charles Taylor ‘Sources of the Self’


It looks like both prescribed Readings by my Professor Stepmum will be piercingly relevant to the whole  emancipatory project mean’t to be as

  1. Friendly to Academia as much as possible. Emancipation is a constant problem due to plethora of ISMS and statistical odds.
  2. Friendly to R&D Manager who is of an Emancipatory bent, I am aware of it but then we all may be knocking our heads against a brick wall.
  3. Friendly to me, arse protecting, were it God forbid, get into the wrong hands ( I will password protect the document) then I don’t up looking bad.

I want to do a good job as the academics are the ones making this project which is on the face of it an exercise in Thinking for Yourself  but it is also a project which puts me in real time-potentially right on the edge and in a vulnerable position hence the much appreciated Academic/s input.

28 pages and 3.044 words done.

202 word count purposes

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3,065 words dead easy when the UK Weather turns Arctic /Sub-Arctic and I cooped up in warm home

I did it. It was very easy. A page of Blog post edits means that my ego needs its daily boosting and therefore a pile of words is required, meaning that  original Blogger postings of few words gain a bit of profitable inflation on the WordPress platform.

There was no sense of strain beyond the end being in sight and a strange apathy overcoming me.

I expect this post will be at least 100 to add to word count.

It is good thing to do.

Reading Wise? I have secumbed to temptation and brought Lucretious on the Universe which I believe is to do with metaphysics to complement my Thales Readings in Ancient Philosophy arriving soon or before the 20th of this month 119 words already.

Academic Words on blog academic content that intrudes itself on Google saying ‘I’m here! and I need your information/paper/guidance DIY whether you like it or not’ I have deleted posts which is good. Not every post is indispensable. Emailing of posts might be a good idea or else back up in one form or another? Shall I go for 200 words it looks and sounds a lot prettier than 178 words? I like rounded figures and word count is easier. OK we have 203 words to add to 3,-065 words

Grand Total 3,265 words

216 on current post

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Sun Jan 4th 2009 3, 039 words written,minus PN posts, Crisp on Aristotles Ethics, nearly 1.5hrs of Thomas More Utopia (mp3) and Ancient Philosophy Lectures almost gone through quite a studious day on current criteria

2,665 words done originally updated in Post UP . No Update on Grand Total so far…

Achievements Today Sunday 4th Jan 2009 Time Ipm

  1. I am nearly on 1.5hrs of Thomas More ‘Utopia’ entire Book thankfully on MP3 which helps. Book is a 4 hour listen easily done but one that requires time.
  2. 2,665 words done 400 rounded to get to 3000 words but I took a break and let myself put above Achievements up.
  3. Crisp Philosophy Bites Nigel Warburton and Company on Aristotles Ethics ( I had to choose between another Ethics MP3 and Aristotle, I elected for Aristotle who is so complex, he is further up the scale in terms of difficulty. (David B Ebrey Berkeley Ancient Philosophy Lectures now nearing completion in straight listen, minimal notes of a University variety (If  I was at Uni then..) 30minutes.
  4. Posts on Philosophy Now Forum http://www.philosophynow.com I think that is the URL I must count as Achievement as one has to answer questions out of ones ‘ own free will, and create them for the pleasure of one and all.
  5. Most of David B Ebrey Lectures in Ancient Philosophy which is proving useful for a) how to do Philosophy b) the University and Exercise of ones Powers in this case LISTEN TO YOUR LECTURER OR YOU WILL FAIL!
  6. A bit of Kearney and Rainwater Anthology of representative readings from the main Continental Philosphers. Try before you buy. If you come across a obsurantisist then the book aids warning and warming.

OK I only have a mere 100 words to shove present word count of 247 to a very healthy 300. This means 3000 words written TODAY including sensibly including Blog Posts. (but minus PN posts which are at least 300 words perhaps more).

Thomas More Utopia (my thoughts BTW) seems like alternative policy document in Utopian format to the erring Henry 8th. Unfortunately he was not able to adopt more direct means but rather hide recommendations of the Country of Utopia in a more indirect fashion.

So far a lot makes commonsense and we see some More Innovations being played out in our Society and indeed the World.

(Fine Beans had 2 out of 5 portions done too, but not up to usaul diligent 5 portion standard, neither a walk to get electricity 90mins all told, returning home avoiding Tesco)

This is the end as Madam has completed 3,068 words in a rambling studious way like a pulse marking her various footsteps which did not go quite as intended. The spirit is willing but Admins flesh is too weak!

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Saturday 3rd Jan 838 words. I begin drafting Philosophy Now Research Draft Proposal Cry for Help!

Words Total 838 word consisting of  Important update on friend to SJC Update Group, 328 words on initial Draft consisting of a Post crying out for help on philosophical issues raised by Research draft thingy that are far from common fodder except on Specialist related Undergraduate flora Philosophy Now Forums Drafting of Replies, a few scant notes outlining position that I now seek to justify. (Justifying,defending my academic position on PN in itself is itself a challenge as I am none too aware of the normal World where there is NO Career and Life Breakdowns, no Mental illness or Physical Disability etc (Paper seen to this effect EDIT ).

We all live in wonderland where Employers namely Big Business can cast you aside because you reach the scandelous age of 55,10 years before Pension Age. Where on the BBC which is an ageist insitution, older maturer Presenters are shunted from high prestigious Presenter posts to the markedly inferior oupost of the BBC News Channel, Sunday programmes and so forth. (Edit in advance, provide evidence of Low Status Programmes and Broadcaster continued protests against the BBC’s Ageism). There are numerous examples to be found and it hardly surprises me that there is now a backlash against the rotting elderly festering away in the prisons they call ‘Care Homes’  and that the older maturer persons are atacked for living it up instead of resignation to their lowly society constructed position.

(Example No Country for Old Men post link here)

I can see from above that the above subject demands an Essay, properly linked, argued etc maybe even Philosophy of ! The Philosophy of Ageism or Disablism!  I must do and not acculmuate ‘To Do’ jobs as I am in a habit of doing to my detriment. I can always make it Password Protected or Private if I think I am veering into Radical Avenues as the desire for LIFE surely is, against ALL odds.

331 words Sunday 4 Jan 20008 when I should have attended AM Service ‘Now Choose Life’

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The Fate of Culture:Geetz and Beyond

Books, Papers, Things of Note to enhance Bibliography,

This volume brings together seven leading scholars from four disciplines to take a fresh look at Clifford Geertz’s work, and to consider the continuing implications of his work in the contemporary context

I got onto this book (NOT YET READ OR BROUGHT) NEW EDIT. I think i heard of Geetz via Philosophers Zone an unsurprisingly popular podcast hailing from Australia. I got onto PZ because I was fed up with Melyn Bragg establishment acceptance and needed an academic voice instead.

 One of many ideas for my library just as Professor David Graeber Public Lecture at LSE put me onto Anthropology as an interest/Library interest.

Malcolm Carrithers

Levi Strausss

David Graeber

are examples of high quality texts to add to my literature of which I am highly aware.

I have to edit 370 posts with ‘highly aware of” not got this book but highly aware of it to inclusion on Amazon Wishlist and Social Science Bibliography Literature Review attempted in some mean form here.


95 word count

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35 pages of Sheilds’Blackwell GUIDE to Ancient Philosophy’ and 842 now written words

I have now begun a Research Diary, one of my finds on the Net and now I am able to log my finds, feelings, angsts etc knowing this is ok to do and that this is what the Pro’s do.

Words Written 534 Diary words, an attempt to get friends of mine in Cambodia updated, very rough clumsy words. (maybe fluency aids friendship as does relaxation and repeated exposure as in my case),

Timing it is now 2pm in the morning which is why I will NOT attempt do do the remaining 2,500 words. It would have been a good exercise to just write out what I have learnt. Dogmatic apprehension philosophies Stoicism and Epicurionism, Aristotle Psychology, Aristotle Forms, Plato Forms ( I notice both have forms), ataraxy normal without pertubations for an abnormal psychology. Different Schools popping up everywhere overall. Alexandria is in NORTH AFRICA take note. Atomism, physics (science integral to Schools i note) the decline in maths and science would be frowned upon in ancient times an alarming fact and that something I am prepared to take action on. Atomism and materialism, no causation by divine entity. (greek mythology is full of a panopoly of Gods who do various things on their poor subjects, Homers Odyessy is on my You Tube list, get lectures relating this on youtube she says hopefully with LEARNING content). living for now.

Aristotle is not an up to date philosopher of the mind ( a completly unknown area  that has something to do with analytic philosophy (more ignorance). but he is worth exploring for on philosophy of the mind issues. Important debates hotly debated. Key names Searle, Nussbaum, . His emphasis on current debates is important and honest. This perhaps is to save one from one worrying too much from coming on this side or other. Aristotle theory that he is functionalist (nussbaum).

Research Diary

I have an blank problem. The BLANK problem is to do with how this comes about in general terms (LSE has book on it which one must get) and in more centred terms ie this group N. problems of agency and self determination conflict with coercian and forcing. Politics political power is also a factor or rather its lack. Q of political power and ideology per se. RESEARCH COMMUNITIES METHODOLOGIES key key. in fact there is two groups here. The powerful group has some things to say but further investigation is needed and a hell of lot of DISTANCING from EITHER SIDE only using as proper as possible methodology, being as academic as possible, drawing on literally every academic bone in my body. No matter 20 years out. Your average UG is not exposed as I am. Or PG? COMPARE METHODOLOGIES, worry about weak side and come in with my observations x y z needs to happen plus my pedagogies deficient though they are, at least they pay lip service? to the good and proper methods theories philosophies present in academia. How to deal with Asysmetry and political power and academic power! Challenge from Powerful side!!! (journal citation would give it away but I sent a Professor a copy of the Paper in question) Edgy work edgy. If academia hasn’t sussed BLANK question how should I. But if i am right about THEORY A B CA express in d e f  THEN then!

Philosophy books helpful in this regard. How to BE (not yet read Heidegger ‘Being and Time’ NOT YET READ Sartre ‘Being and Nothingness’ both existentialist texts.

For my sins i now a mass of analytic guides on HDD to correct JUST hyper awareness of Continental philosophy and its wonders. Why are so few Uni’s concentrating on it and one in US. Marcuse Book Review on youtube with affable warm chap listened to. Design playlist with Research Draft, concentrate on FEW or one or two rather than even try to attempt something that our friends in academia would do. Marcuse said, Hegel,Kant , or Searle, Aristotle, Plato, date time of reference, we have a problem with X.

POLITICS is now high up on learning agenda. Government and Politics and Idealogy is essential.

Philosophies relating Essentialism? existentialism, phenomenology. We have a problem of too few studies around phenomenology and BLANK. THIS SCARES SHIT OUT ME. Names of Academics and Research Institutes come to mind. My helps  from Family and Friends stonkingly first class direct and relevant and one follows up. Major methodology book to actually read to completion THIS YEAR and wonder how on earth i get to learn this key major cited and critiqued methodology. How would this be introduced into Area X?? 842 words

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3, 002 words today on various topics but doing Report Back jumped me up from 1,594 words to 3,002 words

1,594 words today Now 2,224 words and in Zone

Governmental God TV words and words too deep which is why 1,594 words is not being presented as post. I must be slacking, as I don’t seem to have the energy I had before; but that is NO reason to give up, according to other bloggers with the same habit it is just a dry period.

 I am only just begun to look at Shields Ancient Philosophy Introduction Blackwell again. Finishing would be good. My bedroom small light is on so in theory I could read ‘Aristotle’s Psychology’ knowing full well content will send me to sleep a and that in all likelihood I need to develop more stamina writing and reading wise.

 I remember! I stopped writing at 1,594 mark because I was too tired. I consumed half of a huge nutty full £1,99 Lindt hazelnut chocolate, feeling I needed to start on Shields volume even though a online chat of at least an hour and a half, left me feeling totally whacked out and literally unable to cope. (I just drifted onto ‘Ask a Philosopher site’ as in Video or rather text live with Plato as it seems; but it could equally be Rousseau (social contract theory) Hobbes (Leviathan, more social contract but my memory has to go back 20 years), Aristotle (more complex and difficult than our friend Plato who kindly let disabled people out to die on the hills a practice extended by desire for euthanasia for useless lives, and whole disability discourses (enough to depress you especially when word MIS diagnosis lifetime is attached to your name and medical diagnoses (four at last count to add to growing pile). Kant, (major pivotal) Hegel, (major pivotal) Heidegger (ditto) Arendt, (studied at Essex) Horkheimer, Sartre (existentialst) something called ‘essentialism’, political philosophy per se (unjust theories of justice) john Rawls whose mighty tome I hope will answer my questions as regards justice in political sphere. Hayek (market Libertarian) Marx and new variants on, Libertarians galore (market good, state BAD, now lets see how the deregulation regime ‘light touch’ I believe is fucking up peoples lives homes businesses charities futures as the Government cowtows to Big Business in it’s efforts to foist the unwanted public sector services onto the the charities;meaning a return to the Victorian Begger and people like me, depending on people like you, rather than right amount of state provision.) Free Marketeers, Communitarians. If a site like ‘Ask a Philospher’ is set up then the name could catch you out, the anonymous academic could certainly catch you, (Pathways into philosophy based at  Sheffield University looks good nice and proper as it is affiliated to London University External and the most glorious London; a University of our family. Maybe I am too caught up in books and trying to do PROPER philosophy ie good philosophy and not being myself (me wants proper too). 479 words = 2,073 words so far and I am still in the Zone as fellow bloggers inform me. Writing the write up has seemed to give me a second wind as it were, now I am in the Zone, I had better stay and not run away as I do with the Promotion 1 ( I should be praying for them with half the online church and saying to the LORD ‘if I am right about (Long list lord but we will process through it) x yz ab c then LORD and my heart BE at Promotion 2 Another World is best way or Inclusion in this world which attracts hearts to me to do including things which definitely affect my status; however low and despised I am. My experience of Social Stratification and mobility means I am very very low but this raises me up to the nth degrees short of status.633 words +1,594 words = 2,227 words only another 800 to go and bed at 4am so it may not be any point. Despite of valueing shut down and silencing of the Beloved at which I am sat as needful as utilities of all sort and all sorts of things a person needs to survive. I would rather die than be without my computer even if I have a love hate relationship with Facebook whose applications I drown in and who I wish to cull. Where I have not discovered the wonders of an online facilitating social life WITH THE RIGHT RANDOMS. Where I learn to say NO as well as YES which I say too often so pruning cutting back is now a necessity. Another damm thing to do as my online and computer life is full of flab ugly work producing flab which flops around in an ugly way; weighing me down and causing me to curse it under its breath. I am probably addicted. My beloved can cause me encrustation like an aura which I have to sleep rest off. So I am out of balance. All the same Those who know that where I am the Computer goes and that the Laptop is the best thing that’s happened to me since Custom Rigs were invented with their beautiful cases, fans, motherboards, cpus, memory, air cooling, optimising, hard drives, external drives** usb cables (no more serials unless one has too pesky cables!) beautiful sound configuration by those in the know. I don’t know quite how the Credit Crunch will affect me but this baby is coming with me regardless of circumstantial change??!! 913 words +1,594 =2,507 words. Another page two pages of 500 and I hit target.

 I probably am an anti-social bastard who shuts herself like a hermit to the social intercourse out there. I probably run from people. But in my own version of the Ivory Tower I dream of  mad socialising and partying much in way Society people do on Tatler (with the prestigious Schools and Uni’s of course). But in my inner man I cannot imagine socialising without my precious academia in all its forms as it presents itself. In highly marginalized disadvantaged forms like Adult Education, in forms that denigrate my intelligence and ability, where Boards are low not high as with School kids, where Distance not proximity is order of day. (online is always good for University I would wish to have Lecture Podcasts and podcasts of Public Lectures to continue at least downloading the bastards which I overfill in my imaginary lecture theatre in my pursuit of unorthodox questions in order to get this bloody draft thing done in paper, pdf form (secure password protected I know too much how I get quality documents to want any Tom Dick or Harriet getting their little mits on my precious vulnerable handiwork as I attempt to replicate however poorly normal pedagogical models).1,128 +1,594 =2,722 words. Youtube in background playing Christian songs and me on a roll. Only 300 words and I am done! Unexpectedly on an post so maybe posting relaxes me cos I did it, I’ll report what I did however paltry it seems. 300 words is near end of page or over to page 3.So off we go!

 What of my audience? You could be students judging by the queries or Academics (LSE media visited once via david brake whose blog I have visited, and subscribed too via RSs and shock horror benefited from (work rave for instance), The Charity Commision on Governmental Goals site. I hope my site in all its faults stands up even to THEIR  scrutiny and. Annaul Accounts are NOT published on God TV sites accounting for every bloody penny and ‘partners’ are being exploited. (people have tried to attack site, but persecution is part of the deal as I believe this is a legal issue and the holy spirit must be released, Pastors, America and Asian Country identity hidden. I emailed Pastor I hope he got email, he sounded quite anxious. Numerous church members. (I pioneered led way to Missions week financial reporting as God TV transforms itself into my de facto Maths teacher calculator in hand and maths head ON) God TV at Wendy Alec’s insistence said viewers WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH not hide the facts (rory alec her loving hubby thinks hide facts).. God TV has visited so has God TV Joyner Internet Usenet and Net Policeman visited. I have seen unbelievers complain about him so I and them are a silent team ..a hidden union. If God can bring it about) 1,408 + 1,594 = 3,002. I did it! Congrats to me! I am having to keep more of  watch on ‘Academic ‘ site invert the commas because the issues, because more is at stake I need to handle right and shock horror be myself. I have to balance SELF expression with WISDOM. And I know not how to do it. I am getting tired, post it up and feel happy and with gods help get back into habit with rest Sabbath and by gods grace serious get fit and socialising.

1,470 on wordpress word count. 1,408 words on Word.



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One MILLION Files, a massive HDD, trawling through and getting to know HDD ends up exhausting me

1000 exhausting Academic Words as a result of attempting to get to know  and list Topic  List Contents on Desktop HDD

Thursday, 27 November 2008

11:43:24 AM

I began by listing components of my thesis, I use the word ‘thesis’ because any work that makes a statement ‘this conclusion or that conclusion’ is by definition a thesis and because it tries to ADD to the total of knowledge out there.

  I also began the exhausting journey of preliminary scanning of documents on HDD, Something like 877 pdfs with 10 paper length interviews. This of course, excludes hard data on Laptop and External HDD which my brother informs me ran at a MILLION FILES where he managed to find the numerous sub-divisions. (How I do that I do not know). I try to work out nightly what the core themes are and seem to go round in hamster like circles, circles of burden, circles of concern, circles of unresolved problem and need. In theory one would quit and aim to go on courses of remedial educating nature as well as eventually rehitting the University Circuit for the one where I would avowedly seek to win their support-whoever ‘they’were for PG and ultimately PhD level, in terms of Disciplinary Knowledge* and engagement with key ideas in Discipline.

If I want say Law and Politics I would rather study separate degrees in Law or Politics so I got the depth necessary to go forward. I would rather be up to several degrees including PG than do the more bitty varieties.

 The Net has to be my stand in teacher for a variety of subjects including beloved public lectures and it is my preferred way of engagement as I have always doubted if public lectures are truly public and not a get together for academics and Practioners rather than super keen Jo Public.

 Unfamiliarity then means I need to practice practice practice if you like till the neural pathways are carved in learning in my brain and in psyche. The lack of familiarity with x y z and HDD  means I am acutely uncomfortable at it when ever I expose myself to it, but then I say x is an language and like French all I have to do is master it and learn the terminology and expression.

 The Net is a place of discovery of academic righteousness and hated expression’good practice’.

 I am not at University yet I feel woefully inadequate and ill read compared to the scholars on Librarything www.librarything.com . I know there are actual Scholars and PhD students who are frightenly ahead of me and I feel like a fraud because I don’t have the reading and skills, yet I might be  ahead of my peers in the user research scene who may or may not be exposing themselves to such theoretical and philosophical material including Papers in order to advance their conclusions.

 This is a great mistake. Maybe in their drugged up deadened stupor they lose connection with their best scholarly selves like I did when because of the trauma forgot important autobiographical order and so got a medical label which is set in concrete because the medical profession is god and never gets it wrong; and never ever ever recognises psychiatrically caused post traumatic stress disorder or hormonal trauma, or the ISM’s or the permanently forced life changes ;let alone THE REAL problems facing users which again Academia is failing to see, no matter the debates in the journals and that service user academe may be a done and dusted affair when its over to the professionals who KNOW EVERYTHING THERE IS TO KNOW and there is nothing else to be found out. ( I would question if one would rather supply them with ideas than come up with a few of ones’ own, Ideas and Theory boys and girls is far more enervating than being the Academy’s’ lackey.) 646 words

Theory Boys and Girls is far more interesting and engaging as one is constantly challenged to justify findings to oneself and re think of it in all sorts of ways Me getting to know my HDD would save me from unnecessary downloading bar what is needed .


                                                Digital and Non Digital  Sins

Duplication of content in Youtube playlists. Lack of clear focus In above lists. The complete lack of engagement in contents of HDD meaning I engage in a form of hoarding. Not reading Papers means I only get half of story. Hoarding means I end up unbalanced in my intellectual character meaning I am less likely to get leads from reading Papers, as distinct from Books which generate their own leads.

Not reading means I am shallow. For some reason Reading fills you meaning you need to pour out the contents. Digital hoarding means my stewardship skills are poor when such skills are at a premium especially as it points to the all important Future.

Duplication in youtube playlists means I don’t express myself as I should, any self expression is lost in in confused dialogue which is unfocused lacking it’s critical edge.

I rob myself by not reading Papers on HDD even if it is only scanning. Scanning is the first type of reading I do to evaluate how important the Paper is. Key Papers get saved as text files which can be imported into Word or Open Office formats for editing comment etc private of course.

                    Reading content is too serious and heavy. Now I have the policy of shameless boosters which can be anything I like so long as I read.  The heaviness of content makes me depressed. Novels are good. Light relief as is TV but SKY refuses to switch on meaning I have to completely disconnect for a number of days and not assumed it is going to switch on once it is reconnect. Just reading instead of endless hours online KEY and in front of numerous TV and Radio programmes is way forward with light relief and key programmes plus key life saving activities.

Life saving activities take too low a priority on list such as prayer, Bible reading, the LORD helping me be attracted to Him in first place and all he stands for. Life saving could also be right amount of housework’domestic goddessing’ as mum now tells me. Seeing Friends (net for primary means), emailing updates re xxxxxxxxxx YYYY for prayer. Maybe I have got to fight addiction in me and train myself into the academically and other key balanced life.

1.074 words including extra done on posting to boost word count to normal 1000 figure.

1.111 words

I have Vista HDD problems so will need to do something about it.







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Tuesday Late: I did 3,098 words today following a more lenient gentle pattern Academic, Fiction Attempt and Diary

Academic Words 1000 Words, fiction part  a strange amalgam of random word and random paragraph from the Random Word Plus Generator Site which made for interesting story that needs more developing. Academic Words few notes on Aristotle’s Psychology, Anima now onto Perception. It would be good to have book 12 to add to shameful pile of books when I needed a far higher reading rate this year. If I have a much needed bath I will be late to bed and late nights are mucking up my patterns. thinking of way round feet problem to make them nice pre chiropody appointment for future. 5 apples have not been used. Ham not sliced (value ham is wonderful by the way made from gammon cooked in slow cooker with right vegetables)

I keep going round in circles like hamster in a cage and prose feels stilted. Agh well second 3000 words to add to this weeks amount. I am suspecting I am depressed. My sister said I sounded ‘downtrodden and sad’ which is about the sum of it. Rubbish to take out and lots of catching up on washing up but flat is looking like another kettle of fish. I must regenerate rejuvenate my reading programme. TV is probably taking too much time. God TV and the Judges Shenanigans and the other difficult difficult circumstance academically that desperately needs to be normal/healthy with capital made on all adversities.

240 words plus 3,098 almost 3,300 words total. well done kate

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Academic Outpouring Day 3 21 Days to make a habit 1000 a day 5000 words a week or Six or Seven Thousand

Ok this is gonna take time to build up. Day Three DONE. A freeflowing outpouring of all I knew from my extensive reading. The words flowed a lot more easier, word counts done.  A strugle but less of a struggle.

1.078 words done today including Blog postings so only another 2000 words to go to reach target. I need to do daily words five days a week which means 5000 academic fluency words per week, as fluency is what it is all about and developing ease.

 I feel like I am going round in circles that my inner prose is stilted and repetitive. This needs dealing with. Needs need to be met. 105 word count.

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1,334 words yesterday a day of BIG Visitors on Both Blogs making me feel I need to justify my position with no apparent solution to needs in sight

Words done Monday 1,344 Blog Words, Academic Commentary Words due to nature of Visitors on sites this one and it’s companion http://thegovernmentalgoalsofgodtvpart2.wordpress.com/ Where I have had to literally become a sleuth in order to get at the facts hidden from all but the proper eyes at God TV.

No Academic Outpouring on the lines of everything I have ever read/scanned/been highly acutely aware of** just a continuous perusal of the blogs as I have seen major visitors come in and realised the dangers of holding ANY position but neutral and impartial as possible, whilst trying to solve the interminable problems posed by that word ’emancipatory’. Coupled with inadequete resources, an capacity to get hold of really first class Papers/Sources/Books I am beginning now to see how this whole area of ‘research’ is well nigh cursed. I expect all this googling will be misunderstood by the Academy who won’t eqaute Google searches with an actual need to  adhere to pedagogy which is, as FAR AS POSSIBLE conforming to the best practices in academia. Hence any sensible person has HDD chock a block with Public Lecture and Course Podcasts; the best Library/ies possible, the best advice (unexpected) possible, and a watchfulness of the ‘scene; from the disadvantaged vantage point of Google Scholar. I KNOW this does not make INSTITUTIONAL sense as if it did maybe user IP’S would be good on a whole plethora of sites not just those that are OPEN. Already I speak gobbledygook.

 Academic Words will need to be struggled through just as I learn to write Blog Words and indeed whole Blog enterprise is something I am still learning about. I still fall short of the glory of other blogs; yet I have SERIOUS visitors, SERIOUS conversations, SERIOUS Resources, SERIOUS awareness of Google Academe.

Education and University are two outstanding problems I don’t know how to resolve short of DIY my FIRST COURSE which allows me to go off in all sorts of directions REGARDLESS of what is going on in the User Research Scene AND Academia (!!!), whilst seeking all the time access information that tells me that ‘unjust theories of justice’ are the done thing NOT even original theories philosophies as expounded by various famous philosophers. (Marx and new Marxism etc) Only Rawls seems to have a standaolone theory that is discussed as rights theory justice theory in and of it’s own right and I am horribly unaware of any changes and adjustments to in light of furious discussions on the Journals and or other means.

 ‘Service User’ Academe IS NOT THE PLACE TO START DIY ACADEMIC STUDY IN EARNEST. Bog Standard Academe is the place to be at it’s highest quality and qauntity point. However, it is too much of an opportuntity NOT to make the most of as I am convinced the Academics ARE NOT GETTING IT; evidence of papers i have on HDD suggests this.

 Maybe this is a beautiful chance to strike out in an UNJUST fashion, or adopt AGEIST strategies, or deliberately find self justification for hostile actions.

I am more than aware of politics of Survivor research scene. I have policy documents and now how policy is configured and much more than. I don’t wish to dismiss biological explanations but I refuse to be limited by them as if that is the only way to see human beings. I wish I had the science education to as high as degree as possible to access these agendas from as strong and wise a place as possible. I hate my spoiled image. I love my theory thing. I love my independence. Things have happened of a Promotional Nature of unbelievable import.

At least a few video podcasts of lectures and courses should help. I wish I could afford private lessons for deficiences so I change my identity from A- B.

It is hard to do anything of any report from the margins and vantage point  of  of survivor user academe.


682 words

656 word count

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I am scanning my hundreds of Papers and Policy Documents on my HDD

I have several hundred in various relevant categories plus a burgeoning Amazon Wish List (up to a 1000), a growing Library Thing List, plus my now famous Podcast Public Lecture/Course Material List.

I need to learn how to slow down and read what I have instead of dive bombing into saving the latest find, which are CRUCIAL to my understanding of various impinging factors that affect this monster/baby called Survivor Research; which is so easily typecast, so abnormally configurated. I can savely reckon I have document loads in the hundreds including PhD Theses, (where possible), Working Papers (!! manners and protocol respected) actual published peer reviewed material, Papers, plain vanilla texts of such Philosphers such as Aristotle Montaigne etc as appropriate, pdf downloaded books from favourite sites and Institutions who have Academics worth following up, Course materials from Itunes U and MIT OCW the famous delicious site of MIT a deservingly world class institution. Papers on various problems presented like ’emancipatory’ xxx also serious subjects, serious Research Institutes and Serious and favoured sources of Papers from Favoured Institutions. ( I need to restore pdf collection from world class institution X and get Papers much needed from mega prestigious and international Institution Y for some reason I am not as easeful on Institution Critical Y as I am on Institution X).

All this is needed to answer questions that don’t have easy answers or alas sufficient resources.

What worries me is that I am acutely aware of my Visitors. In the past I had a Dawkins professor on www.govermentalgoalsofgodtv.wordpress.com  now 80,000 hits and my first Institution Institution XXX on today.  I am having to consciously calm down and place my identity OUTSIDE the maelstrom so I stand independent of YYYYYYYYYYYYYYY area and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx area in terms of approach.

I am NOT at University. It has been 20 years since I was at Essex and longer since I was blessed with LSE External Extra Mural Diploma in Economics. I have friends and family who are academics and we believe in generous overflowing extravangant intellectually rich libraries, an intellectual negotiation of ‘research questions’ if you like. My library reflects my ‘research’ questions which has alerted me to how vulnerable is my IDENTITY meaning I have to stand back from either or sides and maybe take from each side. But know when to dive in and friend someone. When to email a Professor or investigate his her their Research Institute or download yet another Paper that speaks truth to power in my Questions. I need to be wiser than a serpent. I need the cunning to stand back, Know when to be friendly, Know how to NOT dismiss professionals but be acutely aware of but see BEST COME OUT of each situation.

I am aware of key institutions use of survivors or not CLEAVAGE. Key Words OR NOT. POWER or not. I wish I had the range of degrees needed to operate from a position of Knowledge strength instead of gross hindered ignorance. I refuse to put myself down with regard to Institutions. I have my favourites and the most challenging in mind. How i get the education i need AND University again especially Postgraduate I do not know. Research led is my motto. There is so much good out there. But one needs wisdom to negotiate it. 800 total word count today

556 words this document written straight off with no redrafting

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Second lot of 3000 words meaning 6000 words including Fiction and Academic Catharsis Words

The Fiction element went surprisingly well. I managed to design a short story around  a couple of events inject a bit of fantasy and give it a good end.

  Academic Words were definitely the hardest but Journal and Diary words seem to have difficulties hithertoo not recognised.

 With journal and diary words the trick I use is to try to write about absolutely anything and everything. No holds barred. It is uncensored, uninhibited and intentionally free as a bird.

If I work as a Writer then my imagination goes off in any direction it wants I use whatever resources I have to get what I want within reason and success is defined in going where I will imagination wise, essential for living. Vital for self expression the ‘me-ness’ of my writing’

Reading seems to literally put stuff into me much as you would infuse a teabag in hotwater or subject yourself to a deeply immersive process.

For me Reading is immersive, engaging. Whereas Writing is expressive and facciliating.

Short post as late at night and the bed is looking tempting.

180 words post

3,180 word for day DONE!

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It’s Saturday Night: I have done my first compulsory 1000 Academic Words off the top of my head

 How I found Writing First Thousand Academic Words a literal outpouring of whats in my heart mind and soul.


I found writing my academic words a literal outpouring of everything I know of and have heard about to be quite a difficult exercise. I stopped at least eight times during the exercise to check word count. I poured out what I  read from whatever source. I poured out theories of mine. Including academic words or taking a lenient more gentle attitude to myself is a good idea. Formats that make word count easy are better than my monstrous commitment to accumulating piles and piles of work to do; be it podcast library up to a week 2.6GB 2 days 48 hours .Average duration 1hour or 1.!/2 with Q&A.. I am mentally exhausted. Take note of every occasion of mental exhaustion. ‘the  New Politics of identity’ Biku Keane and Goodhart LSE lecture started. Notes plus lecture two listens first let it sweep over me, second go write extensive notes with references and follow up. Group lectures into subject areas. Philosophy is massive. Literature is starting to make an appearance. Biology and Neuroscience for beginners (undergraduate beginners that is) plus Science podcasts You tube New Scientist at least is available so long as I access them and make the most. Psychology lectures MIT? Listened to in It’s entirety.

Podcasts listened too.

1.      Albert Stepan ‘Islam and Democracy’

2.      History 5 Berkeley History Course

3.      Psychology Berkeley

4.      IOP Selected Public Lecture/Debates

5.      The Literature of Crisis Stanford

6.      LSE Public Lectures. I have downloaded days worth.

7.      New Scientist/Guardian Science Podcasts

8.      French on France24, French Recipes, OU French for intermediates (listening only as beyond me). French Pod. Youtube France24via Milo Interface.


 History 5 Berkeley ditto very interesting too. IOP Public Lectures debates must not forget to re-download. Whatever I do I MUST BRANCH OUT INTO DIFFERENT MORE NORMAL AREAS. To normalise my life as it feels like there are potential opportunities as well as grievous typecasting obstacles that threaten whole identity. Albert Stepan Islam and democracy check title I have listened to

several times and would listen to for a final time to take notes as very informative.

Podcasts 2.2 days 3.36GB

Videos 1.38 days 4.21GB

Approximately 3.5 days of Video and Audio Podcasts minus what’s on Milo Interface

1.      Conflict Contested Identities Research site.(current project in progress)

2.      French as before

3.      I had Cyber One but deleted it.

I have not done justice to audio and video collection. It excludes content on MP3 player which is comprehensive and on Ipod Nano. You could say I have overdone it as the excessive content has put me off my other beloved my precious MP3 player. My external HDD is crammed with stuff. I have used it to play stuff off straight rather than upload it to PC..

462 words of Blog Commentary Words

1,540 words in total of document so far



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3rd Day of new 2000-3000 words regime:after 1,700 of verbatim words from various sources I was so exhausted I had to go to sleep

My foray into the Very Short Introduction to Kant made me mentally exhausted. The Words on Day 3 had a similar effect after 1,700 words of verbatim words using another Luckhurst and Singleton exercise on Words Words Words; which as a Chapter looked very interesting, but unfortunately required the aqquisition of a number of substantive volumes as cited in the text.

Obviously I have not got these books. I have a growing Library of substantative academic books as seen on Library Thing and my Amazon Wish List. Library Thing runs to nearly 100 and the Academic Library has not gone on on it’s entirety (let alone be read!). Library Thing looks like a deadly serious bunch of intellectuals who make me feel small and inadequete. Library Thing is also full of inspiration for further additons to the already 1000 strong bibliographic WishList/Marker of the texts of which Amazon Uk is so fantastic at supplying. Thus I am only too happy to submit marketing information and even be a neophyte Associate as Amazon helps me seek and find the most scholarly and highest of qaulity finds.

Qaulity is of course the beginning, middle and end of any academic ‘work’ that I do. Qaulity is enjoyable, qaulitity is rivetting, qaulity is a garantor of learning which of course is hidden within any Text which leads you down further Highways and Biways. Qaulity is my middle name and my constitent identity in other areas fo life too food, clothes etc; no rubbish comes my way! I may be poor but QAULITY is the name of the game and a highly rated text book/Philosophy/Theory volume is worth its weight in gold in terms of learning and insight. (Blackwell makes me feel intimidated but the Journals and heavy weight academic publishers even more so; the prices are sky high too) Hence my love affair with Amazon which is a joke in my family  where my biggest crimes can consist of ‘amazoning’ to coin a phrase. Its services also facciliatate other areas in my life making it a very handy site indeed-indeed apart from it’s pivotal life or death signficance as an Academic Bookselling site.

Re back to Writing on Day 3 the Luckhurst and Singlehurst is spot on. University sources are the business.

MIT OCW is the progenitor of all this inspiration. I can’t tell you how much it inspires me. MIT OCW is behind the Writing as ACADEMIC, WRITER, AND NOVELIST etc idea which is the raison de etre behind all academic work. MIT students work extremley hard and the work is very intense. But the students write all the time and even as on the site do and create Courses which will encourage any latent professors in them which is all good stuff to my educationally focussed way of thinking.

As a ‘service user’ the QAULITY issue is only too important a thing.

The scene feels poor underfunded. The academic side the Service user academic scene does NOT look normal to my way or indeed to academia’s way of thinking. It appalls me that theory finding is not the raison de etre as is the case in normal academia IN SITU and NOT IN DEPARTMENTS BLUE SKIES LEFTFIELD OFF AND AWAY IN SITU AS IT IS with ‘my’ way of doing things would ensure radical improvements to not only Research but that the users getting an education in the process. I defend this to the hilt. I hate loathe and despise its abnormality. I can’t stand it’s lack of theory. I may have some serious deficits and lack in all sorts of ways but at least even in academic terms it is a deadly serious exercise. Hence the need for daily weekly monitors accounts of progress, daft ideas etc. And of course My own THEORIES/Theory gleaned from living here by my own flesh and blood effort stress tears thinking and awareness.

copyright all rights reserved entire site and all my ideas nov 2008 word count 655 words

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Following ‘Luckhurst and Singleton’ The Creative Writing Handbook’ Palgrave 1999,2000 I did 6000 words this week!!

I wrote a short story on Russian Psychiatrically imprisoned Dissidents, the word that comes to me is ‘research’ into Novels that is the way forward. My imagination REALLY went for it in the Evil scenarious that I conjured up in my Brain. Today

I did ‘My Room’ but I did my Flat which is more of a generous description. The flat is like a perfect sqaure box which overlooks a Garden consisting of a Glass Bowl type of existence where one is always aware of what is going on in the various flats amongst the various tenants whose lifestyles and existence does not encourage much hope in me, given my precarious circumtances. Today’s magnum opus was I reckon 2000 words of vivid description which I think would give people who read it, insight into my daily life and the problems therewith ).

The First thousand words felt not as easeful as the remaining two thirds. So I was surprised to be going at with breaks to READ not to be at my computer as computer rests are not really rests at all but a continuation of the same thing.

Eric Sykes autobiography with an overlong perhaps too lengthy section was Break material . I did not count the pages in the normal fashion which has become a formula and routine calculation which I have learnt to vary according to stamina, emotional or other needs, etc etc.

Probably if I include Blog words I do a lot more writing than I do justice too and with ACADEMIC ACTIVITY I am a lot more focused than i give myself credit for.

Still 6000 words including Story Words for first time, in one day(?) is a magnificent achievement.

307 words for totalling up one day sinfully acculmulated as in other destructive habits.

LATER EDIT: Blog Words are now included to be be gentle on myself as well as more honest.

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Who might be visiting? My Speculations as to motive, curiousity etc

academics? vulnerable to stealing ideas.

Students who wonder what I am going on about.

Academics who I fear maybe parasites for Research where I am most vulnerable. Research participation is always asked for never taken never taken because I am online.

I have to believe my ideas are worth stealing in order to act in a protective manner. The day if it ever happens when I subject my ideas to scrutiny as in Postgraduate work would hopefully prove my attempts to protect myself were not in vain.

I have to consciously edit out REAL Kate THE SECRET KATE and modify certain terms in order to protect.

Things need protecting and protection is a good thing.

115 words

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The First 3.054 words word Essay and first experiment in fiction on demand

My Fiction Experiment was based on Forced Psychiatric Imprisonment of inmate in Moscow where the ….xxxxxxxxxxxxxx protected Edit.

 The 2,500 words were journaling words, diary words words of expression self expression and just ambling along the highways and biways of the memories and thinking in my mind. I may use the Singleton and Luckhurst in future to break up the ‘Fields of Reading’ which I need to come back too. So all I need is to read my 25 pages or 75 pages( I am NOT up to it and have to force myself to go to Tesco in the freezing cold). I am probably about overdue for a walk. Friday night is better for me than having to face the crowds on Saturday which mainly consist of families and children .(we have lovely children in our family and those of my church are lovely in their stead).

Anyway I can be happy that for the first time I did 3.054 words and did my Writing for today including my First ever Fiction which actually felt good not too bad.

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I have decided NO Nanowrimo: I need to learn to write a Novel a year completely freestyle completly me in 300,000 words to gain a voice

I need a new routine:3000 words a day. 1000 or so Journalistic blog Words, 1000 Academic** words and 1000 Literary and Story Telling Words.

The 300,000 words per Literary Words = one full proper Draft a year. Idea on HDD. I am all fingers and thumbs on this. Other forms of writing ie blogs/journalism and Academia feel easier. Academia is major challenge for actual research evaluation draft proposal thing and things I am going to suggest on basis of reading. 30,000 words or more could be the final outcome. It is also a political game, I am aiming to protect my arse, be protective and understanding of academia but do something that has never had a Path although Theses and Books etc and Papers have been published.

Knowledge is my great Saviour. Biology, Mathematics, Neuroscience, Psychology, Chemistry Physics and French German and Latin and Greek would all help!!!(Foucoult, Giddens etc Academic books are riven with the above!) I am putting KNOWLEDGE before ‘research’ but my ‘research’ will be as valid and rigorous as  can make it despite needing horrific remedial work that maketh me like my Academic Friends. (Foucualt, Giddens, Sennett etc)

188 Journalistic and Blog Words

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Shields Ancient Philosophy: I am reading about Aristotle and it his philosophy is deep, detailed, abstract

My reading of Aristotle for the future looks both demanding and intensive. It looks as if I am going to be reading my plain vanilla text versions of key books of the books 1-16 (??) which according to writer amount to a DISCIPLINE (key word that!). The writer so far follows the nuances and complexities of Aristotles thought following inconsistences and changes. The authors of this book paint detailed portraits of the progression of key Philosophers ideas. It is an intense read. 

I am once again glad to be reading ( a quite advanced ‘beginners’) text that shows me how they are/were thinking. it will help me when i read it for myself although

342 words

I am about half way though and have two more Articles in the Aristotle section. Hellenistic philosophers follow next then the ‘neglected ‘Neoplatonists. 

Reading this book I feel like I am going back and I need to go back further when my Continental reading is going forward and academics liberally sprinkle texts with the zillions of philosophers they have encountered en route eg Giddens in the new rules of sociological method. Reading books such as these presupposes  a deep and passionate engagement knowledge aqquisition process and also in addition; the whole research function. Academe is a world in itself for itself ( I have forgotton who wrote it Heidegger?) It is a secret? language an esoteric but enlightening process. One has to enter world to negotiate the territory.

Reading is a constant and ever present demand, it is a CALL it is a Siren call from the dangerous islands en route to Home (homer odysessy theme I have book in Collection). Reading is the raison de etre of academe.

This is like a DIY Philosophy Course where one has Representative Texts knowledge of them that is but one dives in at the deep end.

314 words

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My Informal Reading List: my efforts seem puny,inadequete etc

Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000168 EndHTML:0000004165 StartFragment:0000000481 EndFragment:0000004148 


48 Books To go My Informal Reading List My efforts seem puny inadequate and intellectually poor compared to whats out there


Estimated List 80 odd


Tuesday, 04 November 2008

13:48:32 a11/p11


  1. Theory Construction From Verbal to Mathematical Formulation

Prentice Hall Methods of Social Science Series Eds Herbert L Costner Neil Smelser Blalock Prentice Hall, Englewood Hills, New Jersey 1969

  1. The Crusaders A Very Short Introduction Free Gift History Magazine March April Crusaders Ed History Magazine 2006-04-12 BRAND NEW MAG GIFT
  2. The Rules of Sociological Method Emile Durkheim Free Press New York, Collier Macmillian London Eighth Edition Trans Sarah A Solway and John H Mueller Ed George E. G. Catlin 1938
  3. The New Rules of Sociological Method Antony Giddens Hutchinson University Library 1976
  4. The Marx-Engels Reader Ed Robert C. Tucker Norton 1972
  5. Jean Jacques Rousseau The Basic Political Writings Trans Donald A Cress Hackett 1987
  6. Understanding Social Policy 4th Edition Michael Hill Blackwell 1980
  7. Waterstones Guide to Ideas 100 Books 100 Author 1000 YearsWaterstones((Ideas Guide)
  8. Machievelli The Prince Penguin Classics Trans George Hull OU Set Book 1961
  9. Zymunt Bauman Liquid Modernity Polity 2000 BRAND NEW
  10. V. S Pritchett The Pritchett Century The Selected Writings of V.S Pritchett Vintage Classics MIT OCW Reading and Writing the Essay
  11. Aristotle The Politics Penguin Classics 1962
  12. Social Change and the Experience of Unemployment The Social Change and Economic Change Initiative Ed Duncan Gallie, Catherine Marsh and Carolyn Vogler Oxford 1994
  13. Locke Two Treatises of Government Ed Peter Laslett Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought 1960 BRAND NEW
  14. Oxford Better Wordpower 1998
  15. The Cost of Letters Alain De Botton How much do you think a writer needs to live on A W Magazine Production 1998
  16. The Creative Writing Handbok John Singletonn and Mary Luckhurst Palgrave 1988
  17. J S Mill On Liberty and Other Essays Oxford 1991
  18. Erving Goffman Stigma Notes on the Management of a Spoiled Identity 1963
  19. John Carey Pure Pleasure A Guide to the 20th Century’s Most Enjoyable Books Faber and Faber 2000


This is one of my Typed out Reading List as you can see it is heavy in theoretical and philosophical material which incidently touches me/life/society/academia*** at the heart: PHILOSOPHY AND THEORY (anselm and strauss the discovery of grounded theory, charmas 1999 the constructivist version adapted citation). all this is very depressing. anyone who says Academia is not deep doesn’t know what they are talking about. Academia touches you at the root of your being. Academia is a terribly deep dark process. Universities are shining places in my life I adore the places. We as a Family have Academics/Lecturers/Educationalists in our family. Books and Libraries are the centrepiece of our lives. Outside serious social healing.. outside.. there is.

If i ever made it and became well trained well methodologied Dr me me then it might dismiss the misdiagnoses in this substantive yet vulnerable area.

479 words if you are irritated don’t be I need an accurate record and i end up getting a feel for what an article feels like word wise.

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Day 3 of Nanowrimo and 2,480 words of autobiographical import mixed with assidious fantasy!

Comment about Today.

I did 2004 words on Sunday 2nd November

2,583 words Monday 3rd November. I am 2,500 words behind current target which is 2,500 words a day of Fiction Words which is posing a considerable challenge. Quite frankly this novel is cathartic, therapeutic. I am allowing myself full license to do what I like SO LONG AS I WRITE THE DAMM THING COMPLETELY FROM BEGINNING TO END WITHOUT COPYING AND PASTING FROM SOURCES UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.

(previous successes have been justfully aided by cut and paste jobs but the fiction was original)

I am trying to follow my Muse. I have it seems a cast of characters but at the moment my brain is too overwhelmed with sorrow and fear to work as it should. Self control will help. I did it! that was self discipline. still have not done big update on friend x with the big prayer guns of sjc. 2,500 words will be easy recalculate figures. 4 days of 2,500 = 9000 words on top of present figures which means i should be ahead even though I am only writing crap.

 All my disciplined forcing of myself to write is paying off in this exercise. Now I ONLY think in terms of 2000 words and at least READING preceeds and follows the godly exercise of writing exposing as it does my profound lack of educatedness. ie I am not like Foucault, LSE professors and too many intimidating intellects. Realising the value of the Intellectual is a least a fruit of Reading. At least i know   where the fruit lies and intellectual soundness goals and sanity. (normal careers are handy too!). Recognising and buying as cheaply as possible QAULITY literature and novels is the path of enjoyment and rationality. It is an expression of profound rationality that I appreciate these things because QAULITY is a key biomarker if you like of directions you could pursue.

My Novel reading at least is fine with Dostoeveky, John Grisham, Virginia Woolf. Sylvia Plath. Clive james and Martin Amis are assidious guides to all things qaulity in the literary land that lieth in Grub Street.

Literature as a discipline looks worth looking into . My philosophy and theory reading plugs straight into that Grid. I have heard of Leavis and  another chap of great import.

Art of course has lots to offer. Doing Prayer Windows struggling to do it has opened my heart up to the wonders and terrors of art from documentary like Caravaggio to realism of Tracy Emin and other YBAs. Art drawing painting is an inextrical part of this. what value! I do in fact have an art o level for my sorrows. this prayer windows means i learn to get ME out on the page. regardless of how it is acknowledged. Theory and Philosophy undergird ALL academic enterprise and are intrinsic to the process, the others are qaulitative and qauntative, languages are indispensable she says from her books. I have seen French, Latin, Greek, German, Czechovakian(!!!) sophisticated mathematics and other high level methods of analysis ie Logic.

Boy aristotle and plato did not half know their onions. only reading philosophy has opened me up to at least appreciating that THIS IS THE WAY TO GO at least academically.

 Idea maybe i need to include nanowrimo topics here so i conduct forum like discussions here which can be transfered via copy and paste over the Forums.

Back to my friends the Academics writing whether at School or Uni preferably as a life time habit is pedagogically sound. Reading is profoundly rational. all above is RATIONAL. It is only where I am that… and that needs to be lemonade out of lemons, mountain demolition sqauds, impossible lives etc. And that seems IRRATIONAL but really my circumstances are a Gift and I need the alchemy and effort to make it so. Writing makes me a Writer. Writer is a good identity. Books are sane and good. it is all good stuff. Surely i am onto a good thing.

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Nanowrimo 2008: I have just begun my crapulent novelistic prognostications

2004 NOVEL Words My rhythm and syntax are stuck into grooves.  I feel full of cliches decidding that Real Life is the best way forward and that my Real Life has more than enough interest and variety to spice up any novel that might be published in a very narrow specialist sphere. Dreams of proper books and proper authorship mixed in with plenty of Theory in Action or rather Theories in Action which veritably pepper the text. 

I have saved the first 2000 words to Gmail for safety.  I will do fresh documents for each of the 2000 words aiming at a daily target of 2,500 NOVEL words in order to, at a minimum, hit 10,000 minimum target this week.  500 extra words from Tuesday to Friday/Saturday will do it. If I can do better than my novelistic exercise will be that much happier. 

I am also putting word counts on all documents making it easier to tot up word counts at a later date.

I also have not done housework today. Save make Rice Bread (Jane Grigson ‘English Food’) eat a mince based chilli con carne soup with chilli garlic and plenty of fresh jellied chicken soup. I had a crisis on my pc when my mouse froze on youtube forcing me to switch off at mains in order to restore sanity and rather happy computer situation presently ambient. (It’s the Youtube Music Machine you know but MORE THAN that because NO DJ/PRESENTER/show/station etc does what I does). The Laptop to come is a constant meditation liberating me from my home to the wonders of Wifi land. A Toshiba Netbook might be a good back up purchase but the desired one costs almost the same as a full Laptop. I am too attached to RAM to go for anything too small given System Resources.

Back to Today’s Exploits:(301 and counting on this post) 400 on previous WP posts = 700 a goodly sum indeed to add to the Two Thousand Needed Words. My chicken sandwich my first on the Rice Bread was good indeed. I didn’t slather the meat with too much mayo just a sludge of mayo to create adhesiveness and on the rice bread. It was sublime!  Taking a break seems to have rejuventated me and helped my tired self to do a little posting and a new Section on the Blog for all you Nanowrimers out there, and all those contemplating following my struggling example in regards to Readin’ and Writin’. I know we are out there. And 2000 words a day are a strengthening exercise. A support worker identity protected has started his own reading and writing programme to follow me. I encourage him. It blesses me to have a soul who believes what I do is spot on she says having one of her Educational Fantasies.  I hope God blesses this Blog and those who do the combi especially as the Books are deadly serious, combined with shameless Booster Books to up the total or even go back to Partial Reads. Struggle with Reading (at least twelve short book partial reads, 2 mega volumes of the Blackwell Companion/Anthology Theory/Philosophy kind) and Eight Yellow Homemade Bookmarks listing volumes read/partially read or on 100 book reading list. Making 51 so far of 2000 total (Rodriguez book MIT OCW something about desire identity and fanatical reading that included childrens books right up to high Philosophy tomes).

I should post a picture or video of the yellow custom bookmarks. I think they are a whizz. One LSE leaflet is now given over to my 100 in stock Reading list. My Library is 300 strong with a substantial amount of Philosophy both Political and Continental. Analytic is planned for philosophical adventures further down the lines. Being aware of GOOD Philosophy AND making a stand or at least having alongside our Continental cousins is at least a step forward. I want to be on this site a blessing to myself, to numerous others in all other educational biospheres and maybe maybe dream of a crazy Revolution to liberate the would-be Academic ie Researcher and Teacher in us all and certainly myself as they most definitey set the Standard in both. Yours influenced by the Worlds of Academe and Education. Me.

706 words almost a 1000 extra words today on top of 2004 saved document.

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Nanowrimo is here shall I add ‘Fiction Words’ to ‘Academic Words’ and ‘Journal words’ ‘Journalism/Blog Words’???!!

My mind is a total blank. A mess of disordered thoughts not particularly going down any Fictional Avenue. I feel like complete crap inside. Blessed are they who type out novels who are prominant in the land of the literati and the Elite of Grub Street (Clive James, Snakecharmers in Texas, and ‘North Face of Soho’) I don’t/do have axes to grind or i need to write my heart etc etc. 

I tried to enter site but it was busy so maybe using this blog to record my progresss or rather lack of it may be a good idea.

99 words

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I am reading Shields ‘The Blackwell Guide to Ancient Philosophy’

The Shields book is looking like another Philosophy tome of mine; that of leading me into MORE potential reading that is, apart from 90+ representative texts, there is a lot more the devils to read in the detail of the various philosophers. 

Aristotles’Metaphysics’ is 16 Volumes (  I haven’t sussed out the Roman Numerals as my Mum has) and the material in this book is looking deep indeed for a claimed ‘beginners’ texts that is probably an undergraduate or even graduate beginner rather than a total neophyte like me! But so what it is all grist to the mill and  Aristotle sent me off to sleep to two very vivid dreams at my mums last night after approximately 27 pages more than planned 25 allotted as the material is mentally exhausting and I need to acclimatise to it. Not only. This Research Evaluation Draft Project means the more I learn/read the better is my embroyonic understanding of this hugely signficant cornerstone of all academic practice.

I only read Philosophy to PY111 level at Essex, Introduction to Political Theory was my other big exposure. LSE External Extra Mural Diploma in Economics of course is full of it as well but that was all twenty plus years ago.

So this Beginner may have bitten off more than she can chew when it comes to hefty tomes to consume; in fact I reckon my Reading List Programme has been set back due to having to trawl through a 600 plus volume than a book of 200 pages or so.

In fact I am getting good at estimate ‘pageege’ my term for number of pages in a particular volume and I use my calculater to break the figure down into days to completion.

I am trying also to return to the enjoyment and fun of reading. The sheer qaulity and reliablity of volumes for taking the philosophical tempreture of academe is in itself a frightfully helpful thing.

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Originally from The Chronicle of Higher Ed : Time for Reading

Current Count:(34 )Books at the time of writing

The Ideal is to learn to read and write as Lawyer which is read and write talk and discuss Law in an ever increasing virtuous and thorough circle within the ecosystem that is Law

It upsets me that working class self improvement is not given the credit that it deserves, that Adult Education has become marginalised and poor qaulity, that education education education is only applicable to the under twenty fives.
Articles like above from Arts and Letters Daily justify my and others Marathon Reading Programmes completely.

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Harry Wallop Consumed: How Shopping Fed the Class System

A Self affected Class concious look at how Corporate
Manipulation of our Shopping Habits is a
amplification of the English Class System.
  Harry Wallop is too preoccupied with Class its
false affectations, it’s conceit,and it’s preoccupation
with keeping undesirable elements out.
Like the Advertisers served by Internet Giants
such as Google,Facebook,Amazon.
These bodies segment people according to geographic area, occupation, spending habits and most importantly browsing online.
These effective stalking corporate manipulative activities are grossly under emphasised in this book. Instead we are treated to a Class concious self affected dialogue about doing things to please the Jones instead of seeing how Corporate Manipulators exploit us pleasing ourselves.
Wallop is too preoccupied to give us the bigger more terrifying picture.
3 out of 5 a missed opportunity undermined by Class.

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I am trying to read as much as possible but Caselaw reading angst is getting in the way

I have read 33% of my annual target on Goodreads which I am contemplating leaving for privacy reasons.
Amazon forcing datamining on our reading means that avid readers like myself are forced to buy hardcopy in order to protect our privacy,when people are forced to live in cramped conditions where extensive library space is not available because of diminishing housing sqaure feet which would protect their privacy from the data hungry behemoth.
It is handy to know a book will


take 8 hours or I have 4 minutes to read in chapter. I have an app for that and even then Predatory
Amazon is keen to destroy it’s rivals.
Reading is making me aware of the many ways we are cheated for profit,and the Law a variegated picture of Statutes and Case Law.
But there is so much to read.
  Maybe adopt Snigda 4x Reading Rule and treat Law as a UNIQUE CASE?

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Unholy Orders: Roger Bishop a Review

The Fake who gets away with it.
Our Have-a-Go Hero is a Faker who gets away with murder because he uncovers scandals within the Church of England.
Does he get away with it or does he get caught? Is he a Master Strategist who creams off extra Benefits for himself or is he a Straight Player?
What would he discover?
This is a Story about a Master Faker who gets put in charge of a C of E Building Project. lIt is Faking It on steroids. If you like stories about Have-A-Go As Heroes you will love this.
It isn’t heavy going there is a strong comedic element running throughout even though the Themes are serious.
There are internal office Politics and scams.

For the Inner Faking It Superstar in us all who would wish to pull off audacious scams.

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Henry and June: Distorted appetites, rampant lusts and and unexpected ending

All this takes place in a very coupled environment where Anais falls in love with June who goes away for a long period during which she starts this Husband-and-Wife Affair with Henry. The fucking gives it away the descriptions are epic and quite frankly it makes you wish you were at the other end of such wonder.
Anais is however married to Hugo who is overtaken by fits of jeolousy which show up in his lovemaking style which she doesn’t wish to respond too being too taken up with Henry and their times together.
Everyone of their friends notices them because in between the crevices are little jeolousies which affect the parties concerned.
They are an amoral lot, sleeping together. Anais has an unusual relationship with June in that she falls for her. As women they are very physically close,they do not consumate but they are on their way. Anais has other lovers but all pale in contrast to the amazing Henry.
As the story progresses Hugo shows more and more signs of inner disintegration as the Husband-and-Wife [sexual] and emotional literary relationship develops between the imposter and him. June writes her hubby a love letter that stabs Anais in the heart.
But all along we are treated to distorted appetites. Anais and Henry should have gone to Spain together. Hugo and Anais should have divorced and just become friends. June and Henry should have divorced.
Instead we get a strange ending where Henry and Anais are together but June is the suffering party who in a previous life suffered marital betrayal by her husband.


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Editorial Policy in view of the Amazon Takeover of Goodreads that has stopped it being the site we all knew and loved

In view of Amazons takeover of Goodreads I am changing my Editorial Policy by no longer posting Book Reviews on the website. Such Reviews are just native advertising something Amazon is keen to promote but I feel forces a model on people who don’t wish to participate in the name of Zero or Minimal Cost Slave Marketing’

Zero or Minimal Cost Marketing is paying people normally moneysaving housewives househusbands absolute pittance to get them to like your Product or post good review of otherwise bad performing Products. Books are no different.With  Goodreads being taken over by Amazon it has lost its normal identity and instead become a slave to  Amazons forcing Recommendations and  Suggestions on you, NOTE that this process is a million miles from the organic internal processes that otherwise guide book buying.  Reading books can lead to discovering other books merely by reading the text, the footnotes, the bibliography, the main text. Books are notoriously good for that. What Amazon Goodreads wants to do is force  Recommendations/Suggestions based on algorithms and what is worse FORCE you to view them on your home page without any way of you opting out.

Hence my decision by posting General Topic ie Non Law  Book Reviews on this site at least I wrest back control and I exempt myself from this coercive marketing process.

It is bad enough that Amazon via Kindle monitors and collects data on reading habits via it’s E Readers with its takeover of Goodreads denying  Readers Privacy Rights for the sake of its Big Data Ambitions.

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FAKE DWP ‘test’ reveals sinister govt ‘psy-war’


Please read and share this widely – I think it might just be massive.

I wrote yesterday about the psychological bullying being inflicted on unemployed people by Jobcentre Plus on behalf of the Department of Work and Pensions, as huge, intimidating tasks are inflicted on people with minimal literacy, confidence and computer skills – backed by the threat of benefit ‘sanctions’ if they are not completed by a very short deadline.

But it gets even worse. One part of the series of tasks being imposed is an online ‘My strengths test’, consisting of a series of 48 multiple-choice answers to questions about your personality.

I can reveal that this ‘test’ is a completely bogus scam designed to manipulate unemployed people into performing a completely random, week-long exercise of incorporating supposed ‘characteristics’ into their daily behaviour.

How do I know this? Because the ‘test’ is fake – it allocates you a…

View original post 623 more words

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Turn Your Back On Thatcher: Police sanctioned protest about this grotesque state-funded funeral


PLEASE NOTE THE LOCATION OF THE PROTEST HAS CHANGED. We are now meeting at LUDGATE CIRCUS, where Farrigdon St and Fleet St meet.  On the NORTH side of this junction

Wednesday, 17 April 2013, 09:15am, at LUDGATE CIRCUS, where Farrigdon St and Fleet St meet.  On the NORTH side of this junction

Many people want to mark their opposition to Thatcher’s funeral, but do not want to risk arrest or being ‘kettled’ for hours. So I spoke to the Met police today (12 April) to get permission for a mass back-turning protest along the route when the cortege passes. They said they see no problem with this as long as it remains peaceful.

So if you want to protest in a safe, peaceful and dignified way on Wednesday then please join us.

We’ll be turning our backs as her funeral procession passes, for the multitude of different reasons we all harbor…

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