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Friday 2nd Jan 2008 3,086 words done Public Lecture LSE Radio Style Listen Ancient Philosophy Lecture Notes and at least 3 Stanford Book Salons at around 12 minutes each

Yippee! I have done 3,086 very rambling throughout the day words editing posts on Blog which go back to it’s inception in the original Amateur Social Science Bookworm blog which was transferred to WordPress. Intellectual input today: at least 3 … Continue reading

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I know ALL ABOUT Academic Wounding…..

I KNOW ALL ABOUT ACADEMIC WOUNDING…….. Greyfriars lady killing look. Maths teacher male who touched me up depriving me of much needed extra encouragement in maths. Family background in education and our family is renowned for our love of education … Continue reading

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I have had too many of these ACADEMIC WOUNDINGS PICTURE PW

8 word count

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2000 Books What they look like a Photo of a 2000 Book Library

Just think I book at a time. I am reading Ehenriech Nickeled and Dimed at the moment (Exploring Self in Society) and have 150pp to finish of ‘Fields of Reading’ As its the Summer hols I might ease up a … Continue reading

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Tom Bailey Writing Short Stories American MIT OCW resource that needs it’s UK Equivalent

This guy explains it like no other. A must for all writers not just those of Short Stories. Aim Atlantic Monthly or in UK Terms Professional Writer (and Academic by the way) the British Qaulity Press and Journals. This book … Continue reading

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Book 27 David Niven The Moons a Balloon Penguin 1971

Current Count:( 27 )Books out of First Hundred Academic with Literary Breaks ________________________________________ Books I have read 24 Last one: NIVEN Book 27 out of First Hundred (Academic with Literary Breaks) Thursday, 13 April 2006 8:34:47 PM 1. DAHL ‘On … Continue reading

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