Book No 3 ‘The Broken Window’ Jeffrey Deaver

Another book to get me wondering if I am doing the right thing but too much operating online.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am in love with my Computer (Desktop) and I am now a committed Laptop fan. (My family wonder if they did the right thing referring me to Laptop Land but). This book is for people like me who find technology indispensable (Lincoln Rhyme gets power cut caused by perp that stops him functioning both professionally and personally per se, yet be grappling with the ginormous issues of datamining by Governments and Big Business.

I feel nothing but dread and not know how to overcome /circumvent the dreaded issue of Privacy; which according to Academic papers we no longer have. (dreams of ways to do this without the horrors of above). It seems an unsurmountable problem given that that data also has an commercial end.

If ever one had an excuse to worry about Data Mining as a result of reading a book, then this book  is it. Like the first book I read ‘John Grisham ‘The Jury’ this is another one to get the hackles up about corporate power, government co-towing to Big Business, lack of checks and balances in the various areas of power because Big Business and Government have too much information about you.

One might end up changing one’s habits as a result of  reading this book which is highly recommended, well written, scary in parts (the perps power is scary) but from an author who I will definitely read again.

259word count

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One Response to Book No 3 ‘The Broken Window’ Jeffrey Deaver

  1. Bill Hopkins says:

    Enjoy you at RDF.
    Curious about this site.
    Will return when I have time!


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