Book 10 Naomi Klein ‘The Shock Doctrine’

Naomi Kleins’ The Shock Doctrine’ is a must for the average Joe who wishes to find out what the hell is going on.

This so called Average Joe is not like his Superiors who rule by an atavistic combination of State and Corporate Elites but any Average Joe who is into those most enlightening of things the books.

The Shock Doctrine is about how Corporate and State Elites effectively force Wild Capitalism/Free Market Shock Therapy on unwilling masses on the back of national disasters, financial crises, recession etc.  In other words it is by forcing Liquid Capitalism that Capitalism is made to look immutable, indestructible against any arguments marshalled against it and strengthen it’s hand.

The Masses are forced to pay through insecure ‘flexible’ employment, no or reduced benefits from Sick Pay to Pension (note the destruction of the  Company Pension where the hapless salary slave should at least have a comfortable Pension to look forward too after slaving for the Company 24/7), demand and supply ‘efficiencies’ ie lose job at the slightest incremental change of the Economists Supply and Demand Curves.; and through psychologically profiled intrusive advertising campaigns, online and offline, that entice the Wage Slave or unemployed etc to shop till they drop, regardless of Customer Service and Qaulity of goods etc purchased.

Klein reminds us that Companies stalk us for our spending but deny us jobs, such an observation is worth bearing in mind as we all seek the good life for ourselves regardless of our social station.

Klein also shows us that that the creation of EPZ where there are low tax regimes in foreign countries mean the workers are denied rights and she chronciles the appalling abuses thereof.

These alone should set off alarm bells in any reader astute enough to see through the propagandist mainstream media organs who should IMHO read the Canon of Todays Progressive and Leftist Literature which seeks to answer the problem of ‘What are we gonna do about it’ and ‘How are we gonna survive and thrive in this vampirish environment.’

To sum up: Klein is essential reading to all those seeking to penetrate behind the fog of media propaganda ( whilst genuinely being informed) to see the Puppeteers hidden behind the facade.

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One Response to Book 10 Naomi Klein ‘The Shock Doctrine’

  1. yingo says:

    In the beginning there was the Establishment.
    Then came the Disestablishment, the Establishment begat the Antidisestablishment and now there is unjust the Establishment.


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