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29 Disgrace J M Coatzee

Current Count:( 29)Books out of First Hundred. This took me a day. It is about an academic who is languishing in his department whose only respite are his weekly sojourns with prostitutes outside of town. This leads him to sleep … Continue reading

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Year One :Book 28:The Life and Death of Mary Wollestonecraft Penguin 1992

Current Count:( 28 )Books 28 out of First Hundred. Tomalins biography is highly recommended as a thoughtful scholarly yet accessible account. 1992 is her latest revision. Book Review is needed. This woman obviously is a source of inspiration for me … Continue reading

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Book 27 Nickel and Dimed Undercover in low wage USA

Current Count:( 27)Books out of First Hundred 50 approximately in stock This book is part of the Reading List for Exploring Self in Society MIT OCW. It is a blistering critique of the ACTUAL conditions of the poor in slave … Continue reading

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