Unholy Orders: Roger Bishop a Review

The Fake who gets away with it.
Our Have-a-Go Hero is a Faker who gets away with murder because he uncovers scandals within the Church of England.
Does he get away with it or does he get caught? Is he a Master Strategist who creams off extra Benefits for himself or is he a Straight Player?
What would he discover?
This is a Story about a Master Faker who gets put in charge of a C of E Building Project. lIt is Faking It on steroids. If you like stories about Have-A-Go As Heroes you will love this.
It isn’t heavy going there is a strong comedic element running throughout even though the Themes are serious.
There are internal office Politics and scams.

For the Inner Faking It Superstar in us all who would wish to pull off audacious scams.

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