Henry and June: Distorted appetites, rampant lusts and and unexpected ending

All this takes place in a very coupled environment where Anais falls in love with June who goes away for a long period during which she starts this Husband-and-Wife Affair with Henry. The fucking gives it away the descriptions are epic and quite frankly it makes you wish you were at the other end of such wonder.
Anais is however married to Hugo who is overtaken by fits of jeolousy which show up in his lovemaking style which she doesn’t wish to respond too being too taken up with Henry and their times together.
Everyone of their friends notices them because in between the crevices are little jeolousies which affect the parties concerned.
They are an amoral lot, sleeping together. Anais has an unusual relationship with June in that she falls for her. As women they are very physically close,they do not consumate but they are on their way. Anais has other lovers but all pale in contrast to the amazing Henry.
As the story progresses Hugo shows more and more signs of inner disintegration as the Husband-and-Wife [sexual] and emotional literary relationship develops between the imposter and him. June writes her hubby a love letter that stabs Anais in the heart.
But all along we are treated to distorted appetites. Anais and Henry should have gone to Spain together. Hugo and Anais should have divorced and just become friends. June and Henry should have divorced.
Instead we get a strange ending where Henry and Anais are together but June is the suffering party who in a previous life suffered marital betrayal by her husband.


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