One MILLION Files, a massive HDD, trawling through and getting to know HDD ends up exhausting me

1000 exhausting Academic Words as a result of attempting to get to know  and list Topic  List Contents on Desktop HDD

Thursday, 27 November 2008

11:43:24 AM

I began by listing components of my thesis, I use the word ‘thesis’ because any work that makes a statement ‘this conclusion or that conclusion’ is by definition a thesis and because it tries to ADD to the total of knowledge out there.

  I also began the exhausting journey of preliminary scanning of documents on HDD, Something like 877 pdfs with 10 paper length interviews. This of course, excludes hard data on Laptop and External HDD which my brother informs me ran at a MILLION FILES where he managed to find the numerous sub-divisions. (How I do that I do not know). I try to work out nightly what the core themes are and seem to go round in hamster like circles, circles of burden, circles of concern, circles of unresolved problem and need. In theory one would quit and aim to go on courses of remedial educating nature as well as eventually rehitting the University Circuit for the one where I would avowedly seek to win their support-whoever ‘they’were for PG and ultimately PhD level, in terms of Disciplinary Knowledge* and engagement with key ideas in Discipline.

If I want say Law and Politics I would rather study separate degrees in Law or Politics so I got the depth necessary to go forward. I would rather be up to several degrees including PG than do the more bitty varieties.

 The Net has to be my stand in teacher for a variety of subjects including beloved public lectures and it is my preferred way of engagement as I have always doubted if public lectures are truly public and not a get together for academics and Practioners rather than super keen Jo Public.

 Unfamiliarity then means I need to practice practice practice if you like till the neural pathways are carved in learning in my brain and in psyche. The lack of familiarity with x y z and HDD  means I am acutely uncomfortable at it when ever I expose myself to it, but then I say x is an language and like French all I have to do is master it and learn the terminology and expression.

 The Net is a place of discovery of academic righteousness and hated expression’good practice’.

 I am not at University yet I feel woefully inadequate and ill read compared to the scholars on Librarything . I know there are actual Scholars and PhD students who are frightenly ahead of me and I feel like a fraud because I don’t have the reading and skills, yet I might be  ahead of my peers in the user research scene who may or may not be exposing themselves to such theoretical and philosophical material including Papers in order to advance their conclusions.

 This is a great mistake. Maybe in their drugged up deadened stupor they lose connection with their best scholarly selves like I did when because of the trauma forgot important autobiographical order and so got a medical label which is set in concrete because the medical profession is god and never gets it wrong; and never ever ever recognises psychiatrically caused post traumatic stress disorder or hormonal trauma, or the ISM’s or the permanently forced life changes ;let alone THE REAL problems facing users which again Academia is failing to see, no matter the debates in the journals and that service user academe may be a done and dusted affair when its over to the professionals who KNOW EVERYTHING THERE IS TO KNOW and there is nothing else to be found out. ( I would question if one would rather supply them with ideas than come up with a few of ones’ own, Ideas and Theory boys and girls is far more enervating than being the Academy’s’ lackey.) 646 words

Theory Boys and Girls is far more interesting and engaging as one is constantly challenged to justify findings to oneself and re think of it in all sorts of ways Me getting to know my HDD would save me from unnecessary downloading bar what is needed .


                                                Digital and Non Digital  Sins

Duplication of content in Youtube playlists. Lack of clear focus In above lists. The complete lack of engagement in contents of HDD meaning I engage in a form of hoarding. Not reading Papers means I only get half of story. Hoarding means I end up unbalanced in my intellectual character meaning I am less likely to get leads from reading Papers, as distinct from Books which generate their own leads.

Not reading means I am shallow. For some reason Reading fills you meaning you need to pour out the contents. Digital hoarding means my stewardship skills are poor when such skills are at a premium especially as it points to the all important Future.

Duplication in youtube playlists means I don’t express myself as I should, any self expression is lost in in confused dialogue which is unfocused lacking it’s critical edge.

I rob myself by not reading Papers on HDD even if it is only scanning. Scanning is the first type of reading I do to evaluate how important the Paper is. Key Papers get saved as text files which can be imported into Word or Open Office formats for editing comment etc private of course.

                    Reading content is too serious and heavy. Now I have the policy of shameless boosters which can be anything I like so long as I read.  The heaviness of content makes me depressed. Novels are good. Light relief as is TV but SKY refuses to switch on meaning I have to completely disconnect for a number of days and not assumed it is going to switch on once it is reconnect. Just reading instead of endless hours online KEY and in front of numerous TV and Radio programmes is way forward with light relief and key programmes plus key life saving activities.

Life saving activities take too low a priority on list such as prayer, Bible reading, the LORD helping me be attracted to Him in first place and all he stands for. Life saving could also be right amount of housework’domestic goddessing’ as mum now tells me. Seeing Friends (net for primary means), emailing updates re xxxxxxxxxx YYYY for prayer. Maybe I have got to fight addiction in me and train myself into the academically and other key balanced life.

1.074 words including extra done on posting to boost word count to normal 1000 figure.

1.111 words

I have Vista HDD problems so will need to do something about it.







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