Harry Wallop Consumed: How Shopping Fed the Class System

A Self affected Class concious look at how Corporate
Manipulation of our Shopping Habits is a
amplification of the English Class System.
  Harry Wallop is too preoccupied with Class its
false affectations, it’s conceit,and it’s preoccupation
with keeping undesirable elements out.
Like the Advertisers served by Internet Giants
such as Google,Facebook,Amazon.
These bodies segment people according to geographic area, occupation, spending habits and most importantly browsing online.
These effective stalking corporate manipulative activities are grossly under emphasised in this book. Instead we are treated to a Class concious self affected dialogue about doing things to please the Jones instead of seeing how Corporate Manipulators exploit us pleasing ourselves.
Wallop is too preoccupied to give us the bigger more terrifying picture.
3 out of 5 a missed opportunity undermined by Class.

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