Book 16 Librivox Machievelli The Prince

This Book, Book 16 took about 3-4 days to ‘read’. Even using Audiobooks is challenging hence my decision to archive all Audiobook Material which is also useful for bumping up total so I head towards the 24 Books mark which is 2 books a month; a pathetic total.

What have I learn’t from Machievelli? he uses Cesare Borgia and other chap to craft a political theory for the young upstart who wishes to get ahead in politics (or elsewhere one might reason). For this to happen cruelty etc is fine. All long our heros have desired results at the dreadful cost to their subjects.

If I have Lecture material on and or other podcast material this can be used as well. All in all Machievelli is the Barstards Guide to getting on in politics hence its popularity and reknown amongst various general publics.

I am wondering if Machievellian Thought does not in a way pave way for Shock Doctrine, the practice of  [Wild ]Disaster Capitalism that is abroad unfortunately globally today?

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One Response to Book 16 Librivox Machievelli The Prince

  1. Jim says:

    “Bastard’s guide”? Surely not – more like a realist’s guide to politics. The point is not that the end justifies the means; more that the means are entirely irrelevant and subjugated to the end.

    “Bastard” or not makes no difference.

    Pleased, though, to hear of others reading the book; always a joy to find someone else deriving enjoyment from it.


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