3, 002 words today on various topics but doing Report Back jumped me up from 1,594 words to 3,002 words

1,594 words today Now 2,224 words and in Zone

Governmental God TV words and words too deep which is why 1,594 words is not being presented as post. I must be slacking, as I don’t seem to have the energy I had before; but that is NO reason to give up, according to other bloggers with the same habit it is just a dry period.

 I am only just begun to look at Shields Ancient Philosophy Introduction Blackwell again. Finishing would be good. My bedroom small light is on so in theory I could read ‘Aristotle’s Psychology’ knowing full well content will send me to sleep a and that in all likelihood I need to develop more stamina writing and reading wise.

 I remember! I stopped writing at 1,594 mark because I was too tired. I consumed half of a huge nutty full £1,99 Lindt hazelnut chocolate, feeling I needed to start on Shields volume even though a online chat of at least an hour and a half, left me feeling totally whacked out and literally unable to cope. (I just drifted onto ‘Ask a Philosopher site’ as in Video or rather text live with Plato as it seems; but it could equally be Rousseau (social contract theory) Hobbes (Leviathan, more social contract but my memory has to go back 20 years), Aristotle (more complex and difficult than our friend Plato who kindly let disabled people out to die on the hills a practice extended by desire for euthanasia for useless lives, and whole disability discourses (enough to depress you especially when word MIS diagnosis lifetime is attached to your name and medical diagnoses (four at last count to add to growing pile). Kant, (major pivotal) Hegel, (major pivotal) Heidegger (ditto) Arendt, (studied at Essex) Horkheimer, Sartre (existentialst) something called ‘essentialism’, political philosophy per se (unjust theories of justice) john Rawls whose mighty tome I hope will answer my questions as regards justice in political sphere. Hayek (market Libertarian) Marx and new variants on, Libertarians galore (market good, state BAD, now lets see how the deregulation regime ‘light touch’ I believe is fucking up peoples lives homes businesses charities futures as the Government cowtows to Big Business in it’s efforts to foist the unwanted public sector services onto the the charities;meaning a return to the Victorian Begger and people like me, depending on people like you, rather than right amount of state provision.) Free Marketeers, Communitarians. If a site like ‘Ask a Philospher’ is set up then the name could catch you out, the anonymous academic could certainly catch you, (Pathways into philosophy based at  Sheffield University looks good nice and proper as it is affiliated to London University External and the most glorious London; a University of our family. Maybe I am too caught up in books and trying to do PROPER philosophy ie good philosophy and not being myself (me wants proper too). 479 words = 2,073 words so far and I am still in the Zone as fellow bloggers inform me. Writing the write up has seemed to give me a second wind as it were, now I am in the Zone, I had better stay and not run away as I do with the Promotion 1 ( I should be praying for them with half the online church and saying to the LORD ‘if I am right about (Long list lord but we will process through it) x yz ab c then LORD and my heart BE at Promotion 2 Another World is best way or Inclusion in this world which attracts hearts to me to do including things which definitely affect my status; however low and despised I am. My experience of Social Stratification and mobility means I am very very low but this raises me up to the nth degrees short of status.633 words +1,594 words = 2,227 words only another 800 to go and bed at 4am so it may not be any point. Despite of valueing shut down and silencing of the Beloved at which I am sat as needful as utilities of all sort and all sorts of things a person needs to survive. I would rather die than be without my computer even if I have a love hate relationship with Facebook whose applications I drown in and who I wish to cull. Where I have not discovered the wonders of an online facilitating social life WITH THE RIGHT RANDOMS. Where I learn to say NO as well as YES which I say too often so pruning cutting back is now a necessity. Another damm thing to do as my online and computer life is full of flab ugly work producing flab which flops around in an ugly way; weighing me down and causing me to curse it under its breath. I am probably addicted. My beloved can cause me encrustation like an aura which I have to sleep rest off. So I am out of balance. All the same Those who know that where I am the Computer goes and that the Laptop is the best thing that’s happened to me since Custom Rigs were invented with their beautiful cases, fans, motherboards, cpus, memory, air cooling, optimising, hard drives, external drives** usb cables (no more serials unless one has too pesky cables!) beautiful sound configuration by those in the know. I don’t know quite how the Credit Crunch will affect me but this baby is coming with me regardless of circumstantial change??!! 913 words +1,594 =2,507 words. Another page two pages of 500 and I hit target.

 I probably am an anti-social bastard who shuts herself like a hermit to the social intercourse out there. I probably run from people. But in my own version of the Ivory Tower I dream of  mad socialising and partying much in way Society people do on Tatler (with the prestigious Schools and Uni’s of course). But in my inner man I cannot imagine socialising without my precious academia in all its forms as it presents itself. In highly marginalized disadvantaged forms like Adult Education, in forms that denigrate my intelligence and ability, where Boards are low not high as with School kids, where Distance not proximity is order of day. (online is always good for University I would wish to have Lecture Podcasts and podcasts of Public Lectures to continue at least downloading the bastards which I overfill in my imaginary lecture theatre in my pursuit of unorthodox questions in order to get this bloody draft thing done in paper, pdf form (secure password protected I know too much how I get quality documents to want any Tom Dick or Harriet getting their little mits on my precious vulnerable handiwork as I attempt to replicate however poorly normal pedagogical models).1,128 +1,594 =2,722 words. Youtube in background playing Christian songs and me on a roll. Only 300 words and I am done! Unexpectedly on an post so maybe posting relaxes me cos I did it, I’ll report what I did however paltry it seems. 300 words is near end of page or over to page 3.So off we go!

 What of my audience? You could be students judging by the queries or Academics (LSE media visited once via david brake whose blog I have visited, and subscribed too via RSs and shock horror benefited from (work rave for instance), The Charity Commision on Governmental Goals site. I hope my site in all its faults stands up even to THEIR  scrutiny and. Annaul Accounts are NOT published on God TV sites accounting for every bloody penny and ‘partners’ are being exploited. (people have tried to attack site, but persecution is part of the deal as I believe this is a legal issue and the holy spirit must be released, Pastors, America and Asian Country identity hidden. I emailed Pastor I hope he got email, he sounded quite anxious. Numerous church members. (I pioneered led way to Missions week financial reporting as God TV transforms itself into my de facto Maths teacher calculator in hand and maths head ON) God TV at Wendy Alec’s insistence said viewers WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH not hide the facts (rory alec her loving hubby thinks hide facts).. God TV has visited so has God TV Joyner Internet Usenet and Net Policeman visited. I have seen unbelievers complain about him so I and them are a silent team ..a hidden union. If God can bring it about) 1,408 + 1,594 = 3,002. I did it! Congrats to me! I am having to keep more of  watch on ‘Academic ‘ site invert the commas because the issues, because more is at stake I need to handle right and shock horror be myself. I have to balance SELF expression with WISDOM. And I know not how to do it. I am getting tired, post it up and feel happy and with gods help get back into habit with rest Sabbath and by gods grace serious get fit and socialising.

1,470 on wordpress word count. 1,408 words on Word.



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