As Thatcher Starts To Rot Let The Seeds Of Resistance Bloom

the void

class-war-thatcherResistance to austerity could explode back into life this weekend with protests and civil disobedience planned across the UK and all topped off by the long awaited Thatcher Death Parties in Trafalgar Square and elsewhere.

UK Uncut will begin the day by declaring “Who wants to evict a millionaire?” and taking anti-austerity to the doorsteps of the rich.  Creative protests are planned in central London, Chelmsford, Brixton, Manchester and Birmingham to highlight the upcoming bedroom tax set to plunge over half a million people into immediate destitution.

To join the central London event meet at 11.30am, Kings Cross station, main concourse, Saturday 13th April., full details on at:

Anti-workfare protesters will also be out this weekend with demos targeting Homebase amongst others in Wood Green and Bristol on Saturday 13th and Bath and Haringey on Sunday 14th.

Then at 6pm thousands of people could descend on…

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