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Harry Wallop Consumed: How Shopping Fed the Class System

A Self affected Class concious look at how Corporate Manipulation of our Shopping Habits is a amplification of the English Class System.   Harry Wallop is too preoccupied with Class its false affectations, it’s conceit,and it’s preoccupation with keeping undesirable … Continue reading

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I am trying to read as much as possible but Caselaw reading angst is getting in the way

I have read 33% of my annual target on Goodreads which I am contemplating leaving for privacy reasons. Amazon forcing datamining on our reading means that avid readers like myself are forced to buy hardcopy in order to protect our … Continue reading

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Unholy Orders: Roger Bishop a Review

The Fake who gets away with it. Our Have-a-Go Hero is a Faker who gets away with murder because he uncovers scandals within the Church of England. Does he get away with it or does he get caught? Is he … Continue reading

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Henry and June: Distorted appetites, rampant lusts and and unexpected ending

. All this takes place in a very coupled environment where Anais falls in love with June who goes away for a long period during which she starts this Husband-and-Wife Affair with Henry. The fucking gives it away the descriptions … Continue reading

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Editorial Policy in view of the Amazon Takeover of Goodreads that has stopped it being the site we all knew and loved

In view of Amazons takeover of Goodreads I am changing my Editorial Policy by no longer posting Book Reviews on the website. Such Reviews are just native advertising something Amazon is keen to promote but I feel forces a model … Continue reading

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FAKE DWP ‘test’ reveals sinister govt ‘psy-war’

The SKWAWKBOX Please read and share this widely – I think it might just be massive. I wrote yesterday about the psychological bullying being inflicted on unemployed people by Jobcentre Plus on behalf of the Department of Work and Pensions, … Continue reading

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Turn Your Back On Thatcher: Police sanctioned protest about this grotesque state-funded funeral

Originally posted on beccablum:
PLEASE NOTE THE LOCATION OF THE PROTEST HAS CHANGED. We are now meeting at LUDGATE CIRCUS, where Farrigdon St and Fleet St meet.  On the NORTH side of this junction Wednesday, 17 April 2013, 09:15am, at LUDGATE CIRCUS,…

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