Editorial Policy in view of the Amazon Takeover of Goodreads that has stopped it being the site we all knew and loved

In view of Amazons takeover of Goodreads I am changing my Editorial Policy by no longer posting Book Reviews on the website. Such Reviews are just native advertising something Amazon is keen to promote but I feel forces a model on people who don’t wish to participate in the name of Zero or Minimal Cost Slave Marketing’

Zero or Minimal Cost Marketing is paying people normally moneysaving housewives househusbands absolute pittance to get them to like your Product or post good review of otherwise bad performing Products. Books are no different.With  Goodreads being taken over by Amazon it has lost its normal identity and instead become a slave to  Amazons forcing Recommendations and  Suggestions on you, NOTE that this process is a million miles from the organic internal processes that otherwise guide book buying.  Reading books can lead to discovering other books merely by reading the text, the footnotes, the bibliography, the main text. Books are notoriously good for that. What Amazon Goodreads wants to do is force  Recommendations/Suggestions based on algorithms and what is worse FORCE you to view them on your home page without any way of you opting out.

Hence my decision by posting General Topic ie Non Law  Book Reviews on this site at least I wrest back control and I exempt myself from this coercive marketing process.

It is bad enough that Amazon via Kindle monitors and collects data on reading habits via it’s E Readers with its takeover of Goodreads denying  Readers Privacy Rights for the sake of its Big Data Ambitions.

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