My 2009 Planned Reading List so far: with edits


  1. Gang Leader for a Day READ a key book in all sorts of ways. (ditto) a loan that is absolutely indispensable. Author duly googled. READ

  2. Charles Taylor The Ethics of  Authenticity (ibid)

  3. Martha Nussbaum Upheavals of Emotions (ibid) READ

  4. Martha Nussbaum Disgust:hiding from humanity (Ibid)

  5. Aristotle Politics?

  6. Aristotle Nicomanean Ethics?

  7. Rawls Theory of Justice a must read but too much for Project and my capacities as they now stand that need to just get damm thing done happily healthily and with great skillz.

  8. Tom Shakespeare ‘Disability Rights and Wrongs’ (Other prominent Disability Text needed for appropriate Arguments)

  9. Kathy Charmaz 1999 ‘Constructing Grounded Theory’

  10. Naomi Klein’ The Shock Doctrine’ (reply draft recomendation looks good!) This is a recomendation that makes sense and will add to analysis. READ

  11. Charles Taylor ‘Modern Social Imaginaries’ READ

  12. David G Benner ‘The Gift of Being Yourself’ the sacred journey to self discovery

  13. Paulo Friere’Pedagogy of the Oppressed’ ( oppressive versus anti-oppressive education; I think he has a point)

  14. Martin Ignacio Baro ‘Writings from a Liberation Psychology’ (Look at all edgy frontier evidences from Academia and Practitioner land for evidences) READ

  15. Readings in Ancient Greek Philosophy:From Thales to Aristotle Eds Marc Cohen, Patricia Curd and C. D. C Reeve. READ

  16. Aristotle Vanilla Texts that may be taking it too far but consist of long term Reading List brought forward due to Nussbaum influence.

  17. In Depth:Essayists for our Time (supplement TLS, LRB for English Version ) STARTED

  18. Joe Queenan Malcontents for the Malconted Dissident in me tearing into so many horrors in my and others lives. STARTED

  19. Plato Republic on MP3 files (useful) and in book form (Cambridge History in Political Thought my favourite Editions)

  20. Plato Symposium (Plato, Aristotle may be limited or not at all beyond Reading List acceleration although Ancient Greek Philosophy has been brought forward Interest wise)

  21. Homer Odysessy translated Jasper Griffin

  22. The Art of the Personal Essay Philip Lopate (programme post delivery of Reply will be light, the aim is preparedness for follow up in real terms? in this most challenging and evidently doable in terms of belief in me Projects). STARTED

  23. Jeremy Deever ‘The Broken Window’ for rest of the Year Novels unless otherwise but Novels will be used to bump up Numbers shamelessly and boldly. Mum has massive Novels shelf to work through. READ

  24. Cultural Locations of Disability Snyder and Mitchell READ

  25. The Agony and the Ego Clare Boylan READ

  26. Milan Kundera The Unbearable Lightness of Being READ

  27. Some said it thundered David Pytches on the Kansas City Prophets prior to scandal that broke out regarding their behaviour. READ

  28. Aristotle Categories** Plain Vanilla Gutenberg

Half  and Partial Read List 2008-2009

  1. Thomas More ‘Utopia’ MP3 file useful (Mum’s Philosophy Library for the Researcher in Mum and Me who will do it regardless and set own Agenda Questions etc and proceed how we like [within reason that is]

  2. Dostoevsky ‘The Idiot’ (Mums, part of her massive shelf of Russian Literature) PARTLY READ GO BACK TO DOSTOEVSKY’S OUVRE


  4. Kant Very Short Introduction (brain exhausted despite Introductory nature of Text by Roger Scruton)

  5. The Next American Essay from our Yankee pals  overseas.

  6. Mary Douglas ‘How Institutions think’ ( a rather horrid picture on the front, not very nicely if picture frontipiece is anything to go by)

  7. The Seven Habits of Effective People Steven Covey

  8. The Rules of Work

  9. Political Philosophy Anthology Blackwell Goodin and Petitt

  10. Contemporary Political Philosophy Companion (programme subject to change and needs of ego)
  11. Sources of the Self Charles Taylor (reply to research draft) READ


The latter List is one subject to change. My Partial Reads List is at least 20 books strong maybe reflecting my morale and effect philosophy has had on my Reading Programme. (that is, combine with hefty numbers of light Novels of  Quality as input affects output). I need to get the numbers up without resorting to depressing demoralising utilitarian calculus.

NEW Audio Books and Plain Vanilla Texts added as a result of browsing RDF Forum

  1. Aristotles Poetics plain vanilla
  2. Virgil Aenid plain vanilla
  3. History and decline and fall of the Roman Empire Edward Gibbon
  4. Marcus Aurelius Meditations MP3
  5. David Hume An Enquiry about Human Understanding
  6. Thomas More Utopia MP3
  7. The Iliad Homer plain vanilla
  8. James Joyce Uyllses text
  9. The Life of John Clare text
  10. John Milton Paradise Lost text
  11. Marcel Proust Remembrance of Things Past pdf copy not on this year wish there was an abridged version that was authorative and reliable I could read.
  12. Descarte Discourse on Methods MP3
  13. Plato Republic MP3
  14. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn pdf
  15. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer pdf
  16. The Heart of Darkness Joseph Conrad pdf
  17. Beyond Good and Evil Friedrich Nietzche pdf AUDIO Currently listening too and following on PDF copy
  18. Goethe Faust (listened to BBC adaptation on Iplayer)
  19. The Confidence Man Herman Melville (Synder and Mitchell lead)

Grand Total of 57 books, given that I have a heavy Philosophical year with books needing not just reading but re-reading, the above Novels will come in handy. The extra 7 are overpill



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