Shields Ancient Philosophy: I am reading about Aristotle and it his philosophy is deep, detailed, abstract

My reading of Aristotle for the future looks both demanding and intensive. It looks as if I am going to be reading my plain vanilla text versions of key books of the books 1-16 (??) which according to writer amount to a DISCIPLINE (key word that!). The writer so far follows the nuances and complexities of Aristotles thought following inconsistences and changes. The authors of this book paint detailed portraits of the progression of key Philosophers ideas. It is an intense read. 

I am once again glad to be reading ( a quite advanced ‘beginners’) text that shows me how they are/were thinking. it will help me when i read it for myself although

342 words

I am about half way though and have two more Articles in the Aristotle section. Hellenistic philosophers follow next then the ‘neglected ‘Neoplatonists. 

Reading this book I feel like I am going back and I need to go back further when my Continental reading is going forward and academics liberally sprinkle texts with the zillions of philosophers they have encountered en route eg Giddens in the new rules of sociological method. Reading books such as these presupposes  a deep and passionate engagement knowledge aqquisition process and also in addition; the whole research function. Academe is a world in itself for itself ( I have forgotton who wrote it Heidegger?) It is a secret? language an esoteric but enlightening process. One has to enter world to negotiate the territory.

Reading is a constant and ever present demand, it is a CALL it is a Siren call from the dangerous islands en route to Home (homer odysessy theme I have book in Collection). Reading is the raison de etre of academe.

This is like a DIY Philosophy Course where one has Representative Texts knowledge of them that is but one dives in at the deep end.

314 words

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