I have decided NO Nanowrimo: I need to learn to write a Novel a year completely freestyle completly me in 300,000 words to gain a voice

I need a new routine:3000 words a day. 1000 or so Journalistic blog Words, 1000 Academic** words and 1000 Literary and Story Telling Words.

The 300,000 words per Literary Words = one full proper Draft a year. Idea on HDD. I am all fingers and thumbs on this. Other forms of writing ie blogs/journalism and Academia feel easier. Academia is major challenge for actual research evaluation draft proposal thing and things I am going to suggest on basis of reading. 30,000 words or more could be the final outcome. It is also a political game, I am aiming to protect my arse, be protective and understanding of academia but do something that has never had a Path although Theses and Books etc and Papers have been published.

Knowledge is my great Saviour. Biology, Mathematics, Neuroscience, Psychology, Chemistry Physics and French German and Latin and Greek would all help!!!(Foucoult, Giddens etc Academic books are riven with the above!) I am putting KNOWLEDGE before ‘research’ but my ‘research’ will be as valid and rigorous as  can make it despite needing horrific remedial work that maketh me like my Academic Friends. (Foucualt, Giddens, Sennett etc)

188 Journalistic and Blog Words

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