My Informal Reading List: my efforts seem puny,inadequete etc

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48 Books To go My Informal Reading List My efforts seem puny inadequate and intellectually poor compared to whats out there


Estimated List 80 odd


Tuesday, 04 November 2008

13:48:32 a11/p11


  1. Theory Construction From Verbal to Mathematical Formulation

Prentice Hall Methods of Social Science Series Eds Herbert L Costner Neil Smelser Blalock Prentice Hall, Englewood Hills, New Jersey 1969

  1. The Crusaders A Very Short Introduction Free Gift History Magazine March April Crusaders Ed History Magazine 2006-04-12 BRAND NEW MAG GIFT
  2. The Rules of Sociological Method Emile Durkheim Free Press New York, Collier Macmillian London Eighth Edition Trans Sarah A Solway and John H Mueller Ed George E. G. Catlin 1938
  3. The New Rules of Sociological Method Antony Giddens Hutchinson University Library 1976
  4. The Marx-Engels Reader Ed Robert C. Tucker Norton 1972
  5. Jean Jacques Rousseau The Basic Political Writings Trans Donald A Cress Hackett 1987
  6. Understanding Social Policy 4th Edition Michael Hill Blackwell 1980
  7. Waterstones Guide to Ideas 100 Books 100 Author 1000 YearsWaterstones((Ideas Guide)
  8. Machievelli The Prince Penguin Classics Trans George Hull OU Set Book 1961
  9. Zymunt Bauman Liquid Modernity Polity 2000 BRAND NEW
  10. V. S Pritchett The Pritchett Century The Selected Writings of V.S Pritchett Vintage Classics MIT OCW Reading and Writing the Essay
  11. Aristotle The Politics Penguin Classics 1962
  12. Social Change and the Experience of Unemployment The Social Change and Economic Change Initiative Ed Duncan Gallie, Catherine Marsh and Carolyn Vogler Oxford 1994
  13. Locke Two Treatises of Government Ed Peter Laslett Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought 1960 BRAND NEW
  14. Oxford Better Wordpower 1998
  15. The Cost of Letters Alain De Botton How much do you think a writer needs to live on A W Magazine Production 1998
  16. The Creative Writing Handbok John Singletonn and Mary Luckhurst Palgrave 1988
  17. J S Mill On Liberty and Other Essays Oxford 1991
  18. Erving Goffman Stigma Notes on the Management of a Spoiled Identity 1963
  19. John Carey Pure Pleasure A Guide to the 20th Century’s Most Enjoyable Books Faber and Faber 2000


This is one of my Typed out Reading List as you can see it is heavy in theoretical and philosophical material which incidently touches me/life/society/academia*** at the heart: PHILOSOPHY AND THEORY (anselm and strauss the discovery of grounded theory, charmas 1999 the constructivist version adapted citation). all this is very depressing. anyone who says Academia is not deep doesn’t know what they are talking about. Academia touches you at the root of your being. Academia is a terribly deep dark process. Universities are shining places in my life I adore the places. We as a Family have Academics/Lecturers/Educationalists in our family. Books and Libraries are the centrepiece of our lives. Outside serious social healing.. outside.. there is.

If i ever made it and became well trained well methodologied Dr me me then it might dismiss the misdiagnoses in this substantive yet vulnerable area.

479 words if you are irritated don’t be I need an accurate record and i end up getting a feel for what an article feels like word wise.

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