Readin’ and Writin’ What this Blog is all about

Reading and Writing? that is at volume Writing 2000 or more or less words a day to gain fluency, and Reading that is learning to Read up to 75pp or more or less a day in ascending gradual order as one gains strength and might in the exercises persevering in the Practices until they become Second Nature; or that is the aim.

At First one might think this is primary level that’s because it is-it is right for all ages and all cultures anyone with a love of books and a love of writing depending on circumstances which will vary from extreme wealth to extreme poverty, At another level it is primarily sophisticated requiring one sets ones own Reading Lists and learn to plough through various Texts of choice at one’s will; and learning to get at it through Hell and High Water.

Why Readin’ and Writin’? because these skills complement each other and lead to one another. You cannot write unless you read and you cannot read dare I say until you write and learn to find your own voice.

I write NOT as one who has made it but one who I believe has hit on a KEY like Chris Baty of Nanowrimo Fame. I believe that intensive reading and writing with all its struggles longings and tears, fears and pains, is good for the soul. I am NOT a Student but am self-teaching myself various Subjects (that does not ignore or disregard University or School Pedagogy); I AM STRUGGLING to do this Project. For instance my Writing exceeds my Reading at 120,000 words in three months, and n 1000 words on Windows 98 computer and I need to get my Reading ‘up to ‘ my Writing. (Current Read: Blackwell Companion to Continental Philosophy Chritchly and Schroeder). but I am at least trying.

So this Project is to unite as many that there are working or workless, young and old, even Professionals to learn to read again and to write.

Readin’and Writin’ Founder and Director

Visionary Projects Ltd


2 Responses to Readin’ and Writin’ What this Blog is all about

  1. Diegozpy says:

    hope you do not bother if I publish a translation of this in Spanish

    • katesjc6189 says:

      legal and copyright issues. I do not even know you. wp probably has a translation tool for a premium so I will look into it. I cannot and will not trust someone i do not know with my content. sorry.

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