Universal Jobmatch: The Clamp Down Begins.

Ipswich Unemployed Action.

Universal Jobmatch is now being actively forced on people.

In Ipswich we have been spared this till now because the public computers accessible to most people – the Libraries – do not work properly.

That is, since being turned into a private Charity the Suffolk Library service has not upgraded its browsers for a long, a very long, time.

This week those signing on in Ipswich were told.

  • There is no longer the form you filled in giving details of jobs you applied for and jobsearch.
  • You must register with Universal Jobmatch.
  • You must provide proof of any job search activity by print-outs, or by letting the DWP snoop on you Universal Job Match account.

These problems remain.

  • There are not enough public computers with easy access to web sites.
  • The Job Centre Silent Street Office has recently placed some computers at the front of the signing on desks. These are not in a…

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