Books read in 2009 38 Books out of 50 books, including Philosophy Audiobooks Progress Report

This  List is updated every time I finish a book be it Audiobooks which are in Italics and normally from Librivox or conventional paper copy.
1.Book 1 Study is Hard Work Armstrong
2.Book 2 Gang Leader for a Day
3.Book 3 Jeffrey Deaver The Broken Window
4.Book 4 Snyder and Mitchell Cultural Locations of Disability
5.Book 5 Some said it thundered David Pytches
6.Book 6 Bertrand Russell The Problems of Philosophy
7.Book 7 Milan Kundera An Unbearable Lightness of Being
8.Book 8 Clare Boylan The Agony and the Ego
9.Book 9 Charles Taylor Sources of the Self the making of modern identity
10.Book 10 Naomi Klein The Shock Doctrine
11.Book 11 Doris Lessing The Golden Notebook
12.Book 12  Friedrich Nietzsche Beyond Good and Evil
13.Book 13 Sue Monk Kidd The Secret Life of Bees
14.Book 14  Machiavelli The Prince
15.Book 15 Jade Goody Forever in my heart Official Cancer Diaries
16.Book 16 Alexander mc call smith The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency
17.Book 17 Homer The Illiad
18.Book 18 David Hume An Enquiry into human understanding
J S Mill Utilitarianism

20.  Alexander Mc Call Smith ‘Tears of a Girraffe’

21. George Stock ‘Stoicism’

22. Martin Lewis Three things about Money

23. Homer The Odyssey

24.Euthyphro Plato

25. Milton The Aeropagita

26 Martha Nussbaum Upheavals of Thought: the Intelligence of the Emotions 766 pages

27  Jonathan Glover ‘Causing Deaths and Saving Lives’

28  Steven Lukes ‘Moral Relativism’

29  Tom Shakespeare ‘Disability Rights and Wrongs’

30 Sophie Kinsella ‘ The Undomesticated Goddess’

31. Naomi Klein ‘No Logo’

32. Louis Althusser ‘On Ideology’

33. George Bernard Shaw ‘Pygmalion’

34. John Carey ‘Pure Pleasure’

35. John Jacques Rousseau ‘The Discourse on Ineqaulity’

36 Nietzsche The Joyful Science

37 Plato The Ion

38 Harriet Beacher Stowe ‘Uncle Toms Cabin’

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