Book 17 Alexander Mc Call Smith The No 1 Detective Agency

This story is setting in an Africa that is developing and evolving.

This is what my Mum calls ‘FEEL GOOD GENRE ‘ that is Fiction that has a Feel Good Factor in the truest most genuine sense of the word which won’t leave a bitter or dark aftertaste in your mouth or make you feel as if you are a unfulfilled Revolutionary as other books make you feel.

Mme Rambotswe heroine of show. This is the lady who learns her trade on the fly and ends up with skills that gradually grow into an uncanny reputation to get to the bottom of things no matter how difficult or complex the quandary. She is someone you can get on and like. If you, yourself were in the Story then she would be your best mate who you would have over on a regular basis and who incidentally would have useful skills for those times when you need something requiring a little Private Investigation

The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency is full on Private Detective material with all it implies covering a whole range of grievances from husbands who play away to stolen cars, child abductions, and common or garden witchcraft incidents.

We normally associate Private Investigation with the dark, sly, underground, depths, unknown, undetected portrayal. Sad occasions where one is likely to need a private Detective to get facts behind the suspicious behaviours of a cherished person of yours and or situation.

We get other metaphors like the hated White Van Man so hated by the UK Public and parodied by all alike.

All this takes place in everyday Africa with it’s wonders and tragedies, pictures and media portrayals. Here we have an everyday life lived out efficiently in a modest South African? Township

where life goes on and is ENJOYED despite of all the troubles assailing the Africans.

Writing this Review has made me realise the various components that Alexander Mc Call Smith has used to great effect in his book. It is not contrived, it is not unrealistic but it is wall to wall Feel Good and we all need Novels with the Feel Good Factor. I will read more.

250 pages

Time to read over a week? Alongside heavy Nussbaum and newly minted God Delusion.


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