Book 12 LIBRIVOX AUDIOBOOK Friedrich Nietzsche ‘Beyond Good and Evil’

This is my first ever test of listening to a Philosopher’s Work in Audiobook (MP3) Format.
Over a week or two I have taken a Section at a time working my way through about 10 hours of’ Reading’.
During this time I was not able to take in my Latest attempt at Tome Reading; the full 766 pages of Martha Nussbaum’s ‘Upheaval of Emotions the Intelligence of the Emotions’ which title wise would suggest a very female text.
So to contrast the rather calm but authentic tones of Nussbaum I have subjected myself to the angry embittered stunningly insightful in parts (the bits I did get that is) of one Friedrich Nietzsche .
This is just a brief review just to post up the fact that now I am on Book No 12 hallelujah! now that is one book a month. Lets get through next layer to make it 24 books a year so far-aided and abetted shamelessly due to their difficult content-Philosophers tomes in audiobook format.

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