Book 11 Doris Lessing ‘The Golden Notebook’ read in a novelistic interlude between heavyweight Philosophy Tomes NEW

This is Book 11 this Year making Martha Nussbaum ‘Upheaval of Emotions The Intelligence of the Emotions’ is Book 12 a work in progress.

I noticed this book in Tesco and decided to buy it as the Storyline looked interesting and pertinent and she also won the Nobel Prize for Literature making this the first Nobel Winner I have ever read.

This book  like the Taylor weighed in at a spectacular 576 pages. Taylor 601 pages and the Cultural Locations of Disability another tome a more modest 245 pages.

Now to the story line. Meet Anna Wulf a single divorced mum who has an number of unending bad sexaul relationships and to add to her woes suffers from Writers Block. That along with Film offers from Directors who wish to change the plot means her Notebooks Red for Political life (how appropriate!) a Black Notebook for Writing Life (given the parlous state of her writing life this colour does not surprise me and is, I think a reflection of her moods); Yellow Notebook her emotional life where she wishes to see the sunshine but doesn’t having lost Paul the beloved Psychiatrist who ends up in foreign climes away from his wife in a notional separation. Blue Notebook for everyday events this would stand for the sky Blue Sky = Day so we have some logic coming on here.

Finally and unexpectedly we get the Lover who mistreats her but who unlocks the Book resulting from the scribblings in the Golden Notebook. This book ends up selling solving the problem but we are still ended up with the bleakness that is characteristic over every aspect of her notebooked life.

Criticisms are unending bleakness.Philosophical bleakness? in the name of what I heard is ‘realism’ no bright lights only constant sadness. There are no light moments.

Surely in the most miserable fo lives there are light moments.

To conclude all in all a well written book from a Writer who definitely shows that portraying life is a skill to be learned in both philosophy and writing (but with it’s lighter moments)

I have seen this book spoken of as describing mental illness!!!

342 words

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