I am drawing near to the end of Charles Taylor’s ‘Sources of the Self’

I am drawing towards the end of that massive tome that is Charles Taylor ‘Sources of the Self’ which from what I have seen may bear similarities to Bertrand Russell ‘History of Western Philosophy’ another unknown tome from another as yet unknown Philosopher  in the Analytic tradition; which as you might expect if you are a Professional of some sort, is quite a few.

I am discovering that I, like the other Volumes I have read will need to read long far and deep into unhithertoo unchartered areas. Like French Literature (English Translation)  French and German Poets like Rainer Rilke, and the good and the great of the European Literary Tradition such as Proust (looks insightful but is a mega read something of an understatement),  Not to mention the whole panoply of Philosophers such as Habermas, Bernard Williams, Hutcheson, Malenbranche which means a lot reading; especially as this is all so totally new to me.

High Culture and High Literary and Artistic Culture therefore seems like a must and not some optional extra that I can take as and when I like.

I don’t know what my Philosophy Book Agenda is like in terms of generating the NEW, but enormous tomes are certainly on the List. I have got to get used to it instead of moaning and favouring smaller books. After all just as the early bird catches the worm, so  this bird needs to grapple with some rather large loaves and break it up into tiny portions. I have chosen what appears to be a logical sequence: next is ‘Upheaval of Emotions’ Nussbaum, follow with (how appropriate) more Nussbaum in ‘Hiding from Humanity’ then it’s back to Taylor with ‘Social Imaginaries’ (small book) and the Ethics of Authenticity. I imagine all books to be demanding with plenty of googling to be done and many new paths to be chartered. But my Professor rellie is right to recomend Taylor as he without a doubt puts into place some key philosophical concepts by way of that little problematic word ‘ Emancipation’

Oh I wrote 3,662 words today including this post! (Diary, Patchwork with first ever Edit to tidy it up) and took in an LSE Public Lecture on ‘Religion and the Market:'[system] are they in conflict? as part of the Secularization of High Social Science Theorizing ( LSE Public Lecture ‘Religion and the Market: are they in conflict? John Gray and Mickelwaite of the Economist today 2009). In addition because of the copious amounts of French and German in the above book, I have now taken to regulary listen to French Radio and attempt to surf French Google and see how far I can go, without resorting to translation. (Philosophy books are prone to french excepts making this a necessity)

Words 354 words

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