Report back: 3,133 words done Charles Taylor ‘Sources of the Self’ is slowly being read

I have just done 3,133 words. The easiest most fluent words were diary and commentary all of which required self expression.

Charles Taylor ‘Sources of the Self’ is now on Chapter 3 ‘The Ethics of Inarticulacy’ which looks very pertitent to what I see in life round here. Inarticulacy maybe a fundamental problems.

I am test driving ‘The London Review of Books’ just to bring a change to my normal Weekly routine (another Weekly Paper of good report). It has some interesting articles; the one on the Left being most relevant at least from a political point of view by Perry Anderson.

My Weekly Paper has started to get predictable and now I am zoning in on Articles of interest to me (Weekly is a secret I cannot disclose).

I have also tried a more gradual approach so this year will be many novels peppered with some deep philosophy reading.

148 words

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