9000 words [so far?] written this week!!

9000 words, all I need is 6000 words to make it 15,000, which is unlikely unless I am up for a bit of Nanowrimo heroics.

Copy and paste this extract into done document to add word count.

Count blogs Lifetime Words, if possible get figures, how I add written word in Word and Star/Open Office formats I don’t know and the job brings me to despair.

Diary materials most helpful as my writing seems contrived being relaxed and being me no matter how terrifying is way forward but maybe I experience too much fear falling short of the glory of the Fan Club me the me that others are attracted too and do nice things too (very nice actually).

Laptop is now by the window so I can look on at the various goings on happening here. There is a little too much stuff  sitting on top of the window ledge which almost has to function as another shelf alongside the Table which now has the hallowed Active Bookshop on it ie the Reply Books to go through, subject myself to the fear and terror of, of having a considered point of view and back up my conclusions that isn’t off the wall that could help me get some very key academic skills.

Laptop feels comfortable here as I plonked in front of TV so commentary on ‘Come Dine with Me’ and ‘The Apprentice’ is a doddle even if the skills required take practice practice practice.

I must go to bed soon, water for meds, throw off clothes into disordered pile (bedroom chaoes has a semblance of order in black plastic bags holding piles of clothes). This will be a quick job.

3,335 words  grand total

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