3,049 verbatim type words written today now for some reading at night a slow read through Charles Taylor ‘Sources of the Self’

3000 + words done today one thousand at a time, phase by phase.

I have not always reported back when I have done the work so I do myself an disservice.

Book 2 Gang Leader for a Day is read so TWO BOOKS this year! I think I may have Curse of Philosophy books that even if i read the book just read rather than study, it is still a time consuming exercise.

Reading Programme is posted up on Pages of this blog.

I am doing Research Draft Reply (that is if she has money it still counts) and now my Reading has a focus which will be Reply based until and as and when I may do ‘normal reading’ [academic that is] or it may mean further Reading taking me deeper and deeper in where this Project is leading me.

Todays Notes Verbatim, Blog posts copy and pasted into Google Docs, God TV commentary In our Time and odds and ends I think today was attempt to see if 3000 words was in fact easy. I guess it depends on the content as unfamiliar content slows me down, whereas familiar content speeds me up as I get used to writing in a particular fashion.

201 words

Grand Total 3,239 words to count

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