Book No 2 ‘Gang Leader for a Day’ and 3000 words plus a little reading from the London Review of Books

Book No 2 ‘Gang Leader for a day’
800 words

How a Postgraduate Student (now a Professor and going places) exposed the other side of Gang Culture which goes beyond the usaul hackneyed Gang Culture Narrative.
We all hear stories of Gangs running amok on Estates and we are right to be afraid and not wish for similar in our circumstances; but Sudhir Venkatesh ‘s sensitive account shows that there is another side to the horrors we are so used to hearing about.
Like Alternative Provision of Services that would normally provided by Professionals from electricians to furnishings welfare and so forth.
That is no mean feat and the efforts to do so are time consuming to say the least.
I am adverse to rough environment like the next person; but I found my heart warming to the Gangs and the people on the Estate the Chicago Robert Taylor Estate which was made a political point of; only to be demolished at the end of the story.
My heart which normally flees was drawn by the caring way Venkatesh responds to the people doing what I find out is PARTICIPANT OBSERVATION, a methodology academics are forbidden to practice due to Ethics commitees who have to make sure Research is conducted in an ethical manner. ETHNOGRAPHY and GROUNDED THEORY all enter the eqaution that Vankadesh explores. (without mentioning the above Methodologies but living the story that unfolds).
237 words 200 words to go
Descriptions are horrible disturbing how he managed to enter their world I don’t know, but he enters their World and after passing a few tests becomes a trusted  member of their community right down to having meals with Mrs Mae to be gaurded by JT’s foot soldiers. Somehow he manages to combine both Postgraduate student identity with a growing knowledge of the community at hand who call him ‘Mr Professor’ even though he is yet to write; let alone complete his Dissertation and end up as a successful PG Student and the Professor he is now.
The Dissertation he has done has spun off other Projects resulting in much important discussion from within Academia (Google Scholar).
This is a guy to take seriously and keep in mind when one does one’s own ‘research’
I was lent this book because of my commitment to learn Grounded Theory which is a lynchpin of this Research draft reply project  the most demanding challenging academic Project I have ever embarked upon.  This book is one to help you get behind the questions one might ask and the spirit of enquiry that it is gonna have to take. I for one am glad I have read it.
437 words  Review = 3000 words written and writing.

Write Up
I brought myself a copy of the ‘London Review of Books’ just to cut the monotony of what I am reading a Weekly Paper plus Philosophy Now which needs private blogging.
So today I have done a bit of Reading and my Writing; this is just a bit of writing to up the word counts so I get them nice and large so by the end of the sentence I have done 500 words here and the rest in main writing today.

524 word count

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