4000 words done at Dad and Stepmums over stayover for Sisters and Brother in law to be Wedding Period

I had to break through the 1000 word barrier, I had to force myself to try to  write Diary material so I could relax and try in my lovely location relax sufficiently to be at home-with them being at home in their home-to get the words out.

Diarying proved the most productive as attempts to boost the words. I forced myself to diary out and it helped the words flow. I was also listening to entire Animal Farm on Radio 7 on IPlayer which was most enlivening on my headphones.

The Book I am reading at fairly rapid pace is ‘Gang Leader for a Day’ Sadhir Ventakadesh who apparently defies conventions ending up giving us (so far) wonderful example of Participant Observation/Ethnography which is related to Grounded Theory (key stuff here!) All jolly helpful stuff given I am now resolved to read all books, take all notes, submit to all help (praise the LORD and a half) to learn some skillz, to do what is the most challenging Academic Project I have ever underdone [short of my own theory creation which post Anselm and Strauss’The Discovery of Grounded Theory  is rather key) I just need to take on board however nervous I feel the faith and belief in my abilities and end up doing the best bit of academic work I could potentially do which may pay all kinds of dividends (based on pessemistic low income low too many things scenario) in terms of learning, answering questions in right way, having views!! defending them!! all skillz not normally used until one is in a more Postgraduate position.

Above is result of MY THINKING to proceed in a certain direction given the characteristics of the interaction between Academia and the Service User Research/Learning and I have given myself the option of quitting any time. How one estimates costs and benefits I do not know but skillz must be worth aqquiring and thinking for yourself (mostly always by myself) is a GOOD THING.

I am halfway through the book and need to follow patterns seen of intense reading during the day AND CUT DOWN NET ACTIVITY TO FIT THE MORE IMPORTANT NEEDS OF EXERCISE, READING, WRITING!!, ETC WITH THE MOST DEARLY BELOVED NET IN IT’S PLACE..

Headphones were indispensable for me to feel comfortable, LEARN to be myself yet non-invasive; writing (reading my new Loan took place at night)and I got my 3000 words done.

Word Count intentions are piling up I need to learn to count them up (lifetime blogs all, then documents aggh I wish there was a safe legal word count google thing to count all documents based on nice logical algorithm including all types of documents in cross platfrom easily updated format)

I may be achieving or not achieving enough in  both Reading and Writing terms (thats minus podcasts devoted to Maths, Periodic Table (youtube), French (language radio) now Stories on R7 (read lots of novels woman!)

Study is always good but the benefits accrued are abnormal at the best of times. Take this up to the magic 500 words and then review at a later date.

522 words Thank you for reading blog with word counts as we all care for word counts don’t we?


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