2,239 words on some blogging business after which I gave up Tuesday 17 March 2009

I now have my Charles Taylor book by my side; which I am reading chapter by chapter, pencil in hand to annotate, I am falling into bad student habits of habitual underlining and need to read up on how to read that reading in how to master/read books.

Re: 2,239 words, all blogging business in a blog I need to re-activate in terms of providing fresh bread for the waiting masses (one visitor is Endtimes Prophetic Words who has taken on my concerns about God TV without of course acknowledging this site as inspiring her many writings).  I have quite a lot of work in notetaking department so I can just get it over and done with.

Most of it was verbatim notetaking requiring re-checking if information is available and I grab the day.

Verbatim notetaking requires that I get the important bits,and I get the things that are important, verbatim enables a more comprehensive but insecure form of notetaking. Insecurity is only good as far it secures me notes, thankfully I am well appraised of their habits to know what to look for and what is new and when if are any surprises.

I just need to do about 16-17 episodes before closing that part of my revival of my popular blog.

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