My first time READING and Writing!,3,044 words and 28 pages of Charles Taylor Sources of Identity for re-vamped Research Draft thing

Hi folks!

I did both READING and Writing at my time a Mummy’s where we had an Evening where TV wasn’t the overiding priority but long conversations ended up taking their place- along with the Reading and Writing.

I have started on the Charles Taylor ‘Sources of the Self’

It looks like both prescribed Readings by my Professor Stepmum will be piercingly relevant to the whole  emancipatory project mean’t to be as

  1. Friendly to Academia as much as possible. Emancipation is a constant problem due to plethora of ISMS and statistical odds.
  2. Friendly to R&D Manager who is of an Emancipatory bent, I am aware of it but then we all may be knocking our heads against a brick wall.
  3. Friendly to me, arse protecting, were it God forbid, get into the wrong hands ( I will password protect the document) then I don’t up looking bad.

I want to do a good job as the academics are the ones making this project which is on the face of it an exercise in Thinking for Yourself  but it is also a project which puts me in real time-potentially right on the edge and in a vulnerable position hence the much appreciated Academic/s input.

28 pages and 3.044 words done.

202 word count purposes

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