3,058 words Day 2 Tuesday 2nd March mean 6000 word target is met one small tiny day at a time.

I did it! slowly gradually incrementally. This is a short post as RSI is affecting me mildly in my right arm.

All words were spread over several documents covering God TV notes, I forgot to include Angel Mission words that bump up total even more; notes from a Health Talk site where I played videos of patients with terminal prognoses discuss various problems ranging from pain control or rather it’s lack; to Sid Roth and Gary Oates or how to have an angelic experience. I took notes from Rick Joyner conference which Rick Joyner says he likes the confererence because he likes to meet people (can’t he decide to meet them all the time more of the time and not limit the love to ONE conference?) and a long description somewhere which helped.

Verbatim lecture type notes without proper grammatical form was helpful fr me.

I described my sofa (chaotic with a type of sloping order) and random things around my flat.

The whole exercise felt like hard labour.

ONLINE LECTURES: Introduction to Political Philosophy Yale Open Courses

I listened to THREE Lectures meaning that there was no room for anything else; no books no reading just light radio listening to unwind.

The Lectures seemed very good Yale is good of course and lecturer did his job well. as site is open I can return and replay lectures and they are also on youtube which is useful.

240 words plus 3,048 = 3,248 words and 700 uncounted words I can’t be bothered to count.

In addition recently

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