Reading and Writing Write Up Grand Total 3,092 words How I did it MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Todays words were a ad hoc Lecture Notes on mass mobilization of people online in order to pull off campaigns LSE, a vivid account of a neighbour of mine which might even make an account worthy of an email to staff, Wordage totals maybe 90,000 words = 30x 3000 = 90,000 words if managed just this month, then 90,000 words would be the accomplishment.
Professional targets might be 10,000 words a day for a writer 8hrs a day at his computer, maybe I should really aim for that. This Writing is definitely paying off but;
I don’t know what my totals are this year but I keep on seeing Blog posts listing accounts of 3000 word accomplishments which of course I have not acknowledged or given credit too.
My Bible Reading is behind Day 59 at a rough estimate month+ days = figure.This means Bible reading is not an enjoyable exercise but a trundle though the pages with only scant acknowledgement of the devotional notes appended to the end of the passages all there for you bar where you have to look them up for a Theme eg the High Priest Levictical Priesthood.
Jeremy Paxmans ‘The Victorians’ providing the ongoing narrative which gave me pointers to google at.

Reading is slow and behind so this technically would be one half a day’s achievements. So I must away to do just that.
Thank you for your reading of my blog.
257 words
3,349 words exhausted.

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