4,547 words this week in two attempts to write again after a long period of time and uncertainty as to where it was all going

4,547 words this week. 1,304 words on how Tesco is mucking up my Self Care (already decimated by the  Destroy bug) and a straight Morning Writing of Myself out to the tunes of the’Today’ Programme which can be played in it’s entirety later on in the day in 3 hour segments; or divided into News Items useful for selectivity.

I had to refer back to Dorothea Brand for content, and my goals which is 3000 words a pop both of which I accomplished today WITHOUT refering to email, Twitter, Youtube (entertainment and information) or Googling or any of the numerous ways I busy myself, educate myself and otherwise keep myself busy -besides the very important promise and goal to myself of READING which it transpires is good for the brain in a complex and hard to pin down way. (Rita Carter BBC 2 Reading and the Brain or words to that effect).

How I did it?

I just wrote myself out contineously except for an half hour break and a break to read my Weekly which had some informative leads ( I cannot tell anyone what my Weekly Paper is for love or money) I demolished some Features with gusto before returning to the hard business of writing about what I have actually read in that selfsame Weekly Paper in a Professional area.

I went from it from 7pm to 10pm minus breaks. Seeing it was 3 hours to write 3000 words, I made extra haste to write swiftly and efficiently and the words tumbled out of me. I made several Word Counts en route managing to perseveare which seemed amazingly easy to me and bar a few spelling mistakes- because I was trying to do what William H Armstrong recommends and that is BE PRECISE ie use proper Capitalisation, proper commas and semi colons, proper phrasing because Good Habits practiced means Good habits are cultivated in an accurate way, then I  am building for my Future no matter how hopeless a project it may seem.

No Weekly or Monthly Stats Updates mean I am unable to update people on my Progress and therefore don’t do justice to the considerable work I actually do but am not aware of

I don’t do myself any favours by not tallying up Weekly and Monthly Totals even daily totals. I have been prideful and arrogant in setting perfect goals rather than update with, say, 500 words still an achievement, rather than the full 3000 a good laudable goal used by prominent Writers.

That is why I do Word Counts, unlike other blogs I haven’t got the tallies so I can eventaully get rid of the word counts having taken them into account.

This is something I need to remedy if this Blog is to be of the standard I have seen of other Blogs that is still enthusiastically read and statistics bear that fact out.

I might as well bump it up to 500 while I am at it. I am now listening to Youtube  Subscription List whilst adding yet more words to baseline achievement. Don’t stand so close to me Sting/Police a magnficent track from a loved band. I love bringing up my totals. I do post Post editing to do just that.

Post 530 words

3,773 Grand Total today so far.

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