Sunday 18 2009 An easy 1,130 on verbatim Sermon Notes at Church

Good News! I found a plug and now will bring Laptop along with extender reel, tape for safety, plus Camera for filming Videos of about 8min duration. How I will send them is a question not solved yet as Picasa constantly complains about the attachment being too big. I am not sure about strategy.

But the Techie Kate preferably online-even if short duration- would be good if only as it is expression of freedom for me in a Church that by 2.4 is structurally excluding even if its intentions are not purposely labelled as such.

1,130 words on SJC Notes Template Sunday 18 Jan 2008

Tommy, Coolio and Terry are out in the Garden when they only have 4 hours to rehearse.

1,130 words on verbatim notes on Tim’s sermon. I confessed openly to L that I dreaded the Series, just as I dreaded the loathsome formulaic ‘Forty Days of Purpose’ and Hybels ‘Contagious Christian’. Courses.

I love it when the entire Church gets together for a single Project but to be honest these projects are filled with nightmares of the sort I would not buy unless you paid me. (I would not buy Rick Warrens books or do Courses in a million years, neither would I buy the books I have been forced to read as part of this God project) Perhaps stern emails in grace might be in order to offenders.

It’s not as if they are not solid Men of God or that their ministries are shit, far from it-its just that a five year old could do the Courses and do more than the right answer circumventing  the need for thought. It is tick box Christianity at its worst, like the non debates on premier where there is a pre-agreeed agreement club which loathsomely parades as discussion on premier which has done more to harm me than it realises.

I gave up Christian books long ago when i discovered that they did not speak truth to power in MY CIRCUMSTANCES like so many bloody media with the word ”christian’ on it. However I have brought scary rarities from the Renovare ministry which are quieter and more geared up to the lands where Christianity is a more considered exercise, rather than forces of the will round songs and courses.

I have not read 40 days since the Course despite the injunction to read it annually !!! I cant face it and the only way I would read it is via Editing and editing only, coupled with a fair bit of straight to the top complaining about how such good people could churn out such crap.

That’s why I don’t go to Christian Bookshops because stupidly in olden days, I obsessivly brought books for no purpose maybe beyond acculmuation with some vague spiritual meaning. It got me into trouble because those books had no meaning for me whatsover. And I condemm the church for that.

As it is i struggle with Church Sermon series that is follow up one thing once a week and let it be part of your life like ‘contagious christian’ (how the fuck are you supposed to be transformed when bloody others are your focus?) or the loathsome 40 Days of purpose where Rick Warren TELLS YOU WHAT TO THINK; you don’t discover it for yourself and or by the Holy Spirit’s revelation that Jesus alledgely is the only way to live life, not life as it is lived in this life.

I must as well go for the full 600 words as it sounds better than 574 words plus it makes Lifetime Grand Totals would be easier to calculate . I have no idea how to count up word counts of Lifetime words, no idea, how to give credit to the considerable daily work I do actually do in the way of academic practice.

634 words

313 words add to count today

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