3,046 words written Wednesday Jan 14 2009, Philosophers Zone for an hour, an hour of mike bickle ‘encountering jesus’ (ihop indoctrination) varied content

  1. 1 hour of Mike Bickle IHOP Intern Indoctrination programme.
  2. 1 hour of Philosophers Zone ‘The Emergence of Scientific Culture’ Steve Gaukroger
  3. Thinking Aloud ‘Chinese Students’ some very astute comments.
  4. Philosophy Now Forums for the first time I come out with a heavy rebuttal and apparently the Mod supports me. The Mod is influential and obviously well educated.
  5. pp 113 to end ‘The Hermaneutical Problem’ Hans George Gadamer, it is strange how few pages can be so intense.
  6. BBC IPlayer which is the superior Catch up model.
  7. First lentil and butterbean soup of the year.

Thomas More ‘Utopia’ listening too another hour to go but I will get through it. Finish off Ancient Philosophy lectures on Desktop. How to allocate Lectures. Today I scrubbed a lot of podcasts in order to link Book reading with Lecture Course if available. General material like ‘Philosphers Zone’ and ‘Philosophy Bites’s is all grist to the mill.

MP3 versions are useful and it means book gets read even if heard /read in this instance.

This year I think the year of completing partial reads and doing research draft thing or not doing it at all. is help offered some kind of help to actually produce it no matter the difficulties (philosophical ) that is poses.

3,246 words grand total

209 words this piece

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