3.065 words written at Mums the last 1000 words were the hardest

I wrote 3,065 words yesterday. In order to ease my way into the Project once again. The Discipline is hard. I can’t tell you how horrible I feel as I write them. I understand this is normal if you are birthing a new habit but maybe Academic kind of lifestyles have this oxymoronic character due to the multiple disadvantages persons such as I are forced to face, even to BE, let alone experience transendence and freedom which I now realise is constricted by issues of Agency and self-determination.

Reading Wise I am steadily working my way through the Kearney and Rainwater and have Readings in Ancient Philosophy coming from the US from Amazon in line with the Ancient Philosophy Course on MIT OCW.

So far I have read Simone de Beavoir, Gadamer, Merleu Ponty, Heidegger who proved to be surprisingly hard to read. (none of the Readings are easy because it is a representative excerpt of these Great Philosophers).

Philosophy I am understanding is helped by Lectures. Now I see their role and it is not surprising either given the technical nature of the material. In fact there are books about ‘Reading Gadamer etc’ around which I might have to investigate although I see a definite value in reading in situ in presented form so I can make my own mind about the text without being unduely influenced by prominent academics of which I am acutely aware.

I may have to delete excess podcasts from HDD’s and hope and pray that if a book happens to have an accompanying podcast it might be a good idea to combine.

267 words add to  Todays Words Todays Writings.

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