3,065 words dead easy when the UK Weather turns Arctic /Sub-Arctic and I cooped up in warm home

I did it. It was very easy. A page of Blog post edits means that my ego needs its daily boosting and therefore a pile of words is required, meaning that  original Blogger postings of few words gain a bit of profitable inflation on the WordPress platform.

There was no sense of strain beyond the end being in sight and a strange apathy overcoming me.

I expect this post will be at least 100 to add to word count.

It is good thing to do.

Reading Wise? I have secumbed to temptation and brought Lucretious on the Universe which I believe is to do with metaphysics to complement my Thales Readings in Ancient Philosophy arriving soon or before the 20th of this month 119 words already.

Academic Words on blog academic content that intrudes itself on Google saying ‘I’m here! and I need your information/paper/guidance DIY whether you like it or not’ I have deleted posts which is good. Not every post is indispensable. Emailing of posts might be a good idea or else back up in one form or another? Shall I go for 200 words it looks and sounds a lot prettier than 178 words? I like rounded figures and word count is easier. OK we have 203 words to add to 3,-065 words

Grand Total 3,265 words

216 on current post

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