Sun Jan 4th 2009 3, 039 words written,minus PN posts, Crisp on Aristotles Ethics, nearly 1.5hrs of Thomas More Utopia (mp3) and Ancient Philosophy Lectures almost gone through quite a studious day on current criteria

2,665 words done originally updated in Post UP . No Update on Grand Total so far…

Achievements Today Sunday 4th Jan 2009 Time Ipm

  1. I am nearly on 1.5hrs of Thomas More ‘Utopia’ entire Book thankfully on MP3 which helps. Book is a 4 hour listen easily done but one that requires time.
  2. 2,665 words done 400 rounded to get to 3000 words but I took a break and let myself put above Achievements up.
  3. Crisp Philosophy Bites Nigel Warburton and Company on Aristotles Ethics ( I had to choose between another Ethics MP3 and Aristotle, I elected for Aristotle who is so complex, he is further up the scale in terms of difficulty. (David B Ebrey Berkeley Ancient Philosophy Lectures now nearing completion in straight listen, minimal notes of a University variety (If  I was at Uni then..) 30minutes.
  4. Posts on Philosophy Now Forum I think that is the URL I must count as Achievement as one has to answer questions out of ones ‘ own free will, and create them for the pleasure of one and all.
  5. Most of David B Ebrey Lectures in Ancient Philosophy which is proving useful for a) how to do Philosophy b) the University and Exercise of ones Powers in this case LISTEN TO YOUR LECTURER OR YOU WILL FAIL!
  6. A bit of Kearney and Rainwater Anthology of representative readings from the main Continental Philosphers. Try before you buy. If you come across a obsurantisist then the book aids warning and warming.

OK I only have a mere 100 words to shove present word count of 247 to a very healthy 300. This means 3000 words written TODAY including sensibly including Blog Posts. (but minus PN posts which are at least 300 words perhaps more).

Thomas More Utopia (my thoughts BTW) seems like alternative policy document in Utopian format to the erring Henry 8th. Unfortunately he was not able to adopt more direct means but rather hide recommendations of the Country of Utopia in a more indirect fashion.

So far a lot makes commonsense and we see some More Innovations being played out in our Society and indeed the World.

(Fine Beans had 2 out of 5 portions done too, but not up to usaul diligent 5 portion standard, neither a walk to get electricity 90mins all told, returning home avoiding Tesco)

This is the end as Madam has completed 3,068 words in a rambling studious way like a pulse marking her various footsteps which did not go quite as intended. The spirit is willing but Admins flesh is too weak!

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