Saturday 3rd Jan 838 words. I begin drafting Philosophy Now Research Draft Proposal Cry for Help!

Words Total 838 word consisting of  Important update on friend to SJC Update Group, 328 words on initial Draft consisting of a Post crying out for help on philosophical issues raised by Research draft thingy that are far from common fodder except on Specialist related Undergraduate flora Philosophy Now Forums Drafting of Replies, a few scant notes outlining position that I now seek to justify. (Justifying,defending my academic position on PN in itself is itself a challenge as I am none too aware of the normal World where there is NO Career and Life Breakdowns, no Mental illness or Physical Disability etc (Paper seen to this effect EDIT ).

We all live in wonderland where Employers namely Big Business can cast you aside because you reach the scandelous age of 55,10 years before Pension Age. Where on the BBC which is an ageist insitution, older maturer Presenters are shunted from high prestigious Presenter posts to the markedly inferior oupost of the BBC News Channel, Sunday programmes and so forth. (Edit in advance, provide evidence of Low Status Programmes and Broadcaster continued protests against the BBC’s Ageism). There are numerous examples to be found and it hardly surprises me that there is now a backlash against the rotting elderly festering away in the prisons they call ‘Care Homes’  and that the older maturer persons are atacked for living it up instead of resignation to their lowly society constructed position.

(Example No Country for Old Men post link here)

I can see from above that the above subject demands an Essay, properly linked, argued etc maybe even Philosophy of ! The Philosophy of Ageism or Disablism!  I must do and not acculmuate ‘To Do’ jobs as I am in a habit of doing to my detriment. I can always make it Password Protected or Private if I think I am veering into Radical Avenues as the desire for LIFE surely is, against ALL odds.

331 words Sunday 4 Jan 20008 when I should have attended AM Service ‘Now Choose Life’

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