Friday 2nd Jan 2008 3,086 words done Public Lecture LSE Radio Style Listen Ancient Philosophy Lecture Notes and at least 3 Stanford Book Salons at around 12 minutes each

Yippee! I have done 3,086 very rambling throughout the day words editing posts on Blog which go back to it’s inception in the original Amateur Social Science Bookworm blog which was transferred to WordPress.

Intellectual input today: at least 3 Book Salons Stanford:Alice Rayner Phenomonology of theatre (interesting), Adam Johnson, and Tales of Ovid by Hughes (two academics supporting one another on podcast nice to see as lauding is habit de rigeur).

Current listen is David E Ebrey on Ancient Philosophy who is showing me just what this whole Philosphy deal is all about.

I notice he gives few readings but expects Students to learn to learn how to philosophize and learn how to engage with the texts which he adds wisely is not an easy exercise. He tries to open their eyes up to the fact that a 2 page paper done overnight is not quite the way forward but that one needs to engage thoroughly with the texts which has to be ‘very close and detailed’ look at texts (paraphrase).

A week on pages given but bit more is wiser.

Multiple choice sounds like Thou shalt know thy authors in fact just as academics do sic.

Chap hasn’t settled on rest of Readings (this would get me worried as I would be frantically ordering from Amazon). Go back from class and read what you have been reading after class. First read is practically worthless, read, and re-read and re-re read.

Reading on the other hand Kate style might be good because at least I can give broadbrush book reviews.

So to conclude: ought I to slow down Philosophy and other topic reads but throw in plenty of ego boosting booster texts e.g Novels etc that don’t require close and careful attention and SLOW down on Philosophy Now Forums and Magazine once I re-subsubscribe keeping a weather eye on the Amateurs published within the magazine and topics thereof.

316 words + 3,086 = 3,402 words grand total

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