Thursday Ist Jan 2009 a New Year 233 words plus Adrian Moore on Metaphysics

Today was following the usual unhelpful pattern of doing ‘work’ late after TV Radio and the all wonderful all singing all dancing Net.
As I said before I am out of practice and need to get back into the flow.
Adrian Moore on Metaphysics was helpful so now to google ‘Common Metaphysical Questions’ or even ‘Metaphysical Questions’ as Consesus is not a description of the state of Metaphysics but a higgledy piggledy mess or words to the effect.
Moore talked about Metaphysicians going back to questions, looking at questions from different angles, sharpening of questions.
This makes philosophy seem like a slow process, a thoughtful process, unlike the faster paces of Sociology, Politics who are very much needed to stay in the loop with their commentary and analysis.
Adrian Moore Metaphysics is found on Nigel Warburton blog who has a link to Itunes where 2m downloads have taken place. Nigel Warburton helpfully links helpful books on the site related to the topics in hand. Maybe there is some DIY -Aided pedagogy here. Maybe one should work out one’s philosophical salvation with fear and trembling (philipians bible).
My journey into Philosophy AS A CORNERSTONE DISCIPLINE is proving most enlightening but also very deeply challenging.(numerous references to zillions of them in Giddens ‘the new rules of sociological method’).

216 words

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